Money For Lunch – 11 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your New Website

11 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your New Website

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Building a website is easy since all it takes is some good planning and design skills. But what is difficult is to make the website visible so that it attracts a stream of consistent traffic month after month, year after year.  And as a new website owner, this will be one of the biggest challenges you will face.

To help you out with this, we list below 12 ways you can boost the traffic to your new website.

On-site SEO

The first thing you should do before you start implementing traffic building strategies is proper on-site SEO. If your website has not been optimized rightly, then you will have a hard time getting organic traffic from search engines like Google. In fact, no matter how good your content is, it is likely that no one will even discover it your website SEO is bad. So, when building your website, make sure that the web design company is well experienced that they are capable enough to create a perfectly optimized website for you that search engines will love.

Use Long Tail Keywords

When you are just starting out, it is better that you focus on long tail keywords rather than short tail ones. This is because short tail keywords already get too much attention from all big websites. As such, being a new website, you have far fewer chances of being ranked in the top results page. It would, therefore, be foolish to waste your time and money trying to rank well with short tail keywords. In contrast, long tail keywords attract less attention from high traffic websites. This essentially increases your chance of coming on the first page of Google search results.  So, try to create content with a strong focus on long tail keywords during the first few months of your website.  Once you have developed authority and search engines start to see and rank your website, then you can start focusing on capturing traffic from short tail keywords.

Guest Post

An easy way to start building traffic is through guest posts. A guest post is simply an article that you submit to websites which are looking for such contributions from niche authors. If the editors like the article you submit, they will feature it on their website while also giving you a space to introduce your website/business. And if you are lucky enough to be accepted as a guest writer for two or three high-traffic websites, then you can be sure to get an avalanche of referral traffic from them to your website. Be sure to write content that is very informative and rarely available at other sites. This will impress the readers and make them more likely to click the link, visit your website, and even subscribe to your newsletter. In case you are not very sure how to start writing a guest post, then this guest post pitch email template from Guest Post Tracker will surely help you with this.


There are numerous online directories which can be used to rank your website better with search engines. You only need to submit your website link to such directories. And depending on their authority, your website can earn some brownie points with Google. At a bare minimum, you must list your website with local search engines like Google Business, Merchantcircle, Yahoo Local etc. Similarly, links to social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are also a must. If your website is focused on a specific business niche, then also do consider directories like Business Magazine, Better Business Bureau etc. Finally, local directories that cater to city-specific services like Kudzu, Citysearch should also be considered.


Writing a publishing a free ebook is also a good way to generate traffic. And the best opportunity to use this tactic is through Amazon Kindle. The website offers publishers the option to freely give away the ebooks. And the more your ebook is downloaded and liked by the readers, the more it will be featured by Amazon to its other users. Review websites will also pick up your ebook and offer positive reactions, which will also help in attracting more readers to download your ebook. Include a link to your website in the ebook, and all these readers who love your work will surely visit your site and opt-in for your newsletter. And by doing so, you will have developed a loyal fan base who will be a constant source of traffic for your website.

Invite Guest Posts

While we just discussed how to increase traffic of your website by writing guest posts for other websites, you can also do the reverse to attract more traffic – you can invite people to write guest posts on your website. Those who write such guest posts will share the article link to their followers and promote them to the max. This will eventually attract a large number of readers to your website, who can become a regular visitor if they check out the other articles on the website and like them. However, since you are a new website, you will face some difficulty in attracting guest posts. So, make sure that you provide the contributors with some kind of benefit which will make it worthwhile for them to write articles for your website.


Being the world’s biggest professional social network, LinkedIn carries a lot of weight. Unfortunately, many people only see LinkedIn as a platform to develop contacts. That is a very narrow way to view this platform. In fact, the publishing aspect of the website can generate a massive amount of traffic for you. This is why you should make it a point to publish articles regularly on LinkedIn. Considering that the website is extremely niche, in the sense that it focuses exclusively to professionals, you can easily develop long term-traffic from LinkedIn if your articles are seen by the members to contribute to their professional success.

Aggregator Websites

There are many aggregator websites like Reddit where you can submit a link to your article. If the community to which you have submitted the link find the article useful, then they will upvote your link and your website will see an avalanche of traffic within a short period of time. However, be sure to respect the guidelines of the Reddit community. Most communities have very low tolerance for spammy links. So, if you try to bombard them with several links to your website, then you might get red-flagged, and you might be banned from the community. So, select one or two excellent articles from your website and share them on Reddit and other aggregator websites.

Social Media Comments

When you share the link to your article on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and so on, it will inevitably attract comments from a variety of readers. Most newbies do not take the time to respond to such comments. And that is simply a wasted opportunity. By not responding to any comments, your followers will think that you are not interested in their opinions. This can discourage them from actively being a part of your community. In contrast, when you take time to respond to comments and criticisms, offering useful responses, the readers will feel more included. As such, they will be more likely to loyally follow your social media posts and actively share or comment on them, thereby generating consistent traffic to your website.

Facebook Live

A much underused opportunity to build massive amounts of traffic is Facebook Live. You can use live videos on Facebook to easily attract visitors, who might eventually follow your profile and become a consistent visitor of your website. This is a very useful tactic if your website primarily relies on informative articles. For example, if you run a website related to gardening, then regular Facebook videos at least once a week discussing gardening tips and tricks can easily attract gardening enthusiasts. You can then divert such visitors to a landing page where they can opt-in for your newsletter and be constantly be updated with fresh articles from your website.


If you are using social media to promote your website and haven’t been using hashtags while posting links, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to attract traffic. When you add a hashtag to your post, you are making sure that people who search for that specific hashtag will discover your post. This essentially allows your Facebook post to reach out to a wider audience rather than being limited to the followers alone. But be sure to only add relevant hashtags to the posts, else your followers might find the post sales oriented that they will decide to unfollow your profile.  For example, if you are posting a link related to iPhone, then your relevant hashtags should look something like #iphone, #iphone 7, #new iphone, and so on. Now, just because you find that a hashtag called #oil price spike is trending, you must never include it in the post since that hashtag has literally no relevance to the content of the link you are sharing.




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