Money For Lunch – 3 Keys to Polishing Your Public Presence

3 Keys to Polishing Your Public Presence

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The power of networking is frequently misunderstood, misappropriated and misaligned in many instances. Have we lost the art and true spirit of networking? The fundamental definition of networking is to connect synergistically with a group of individuals who share common interests for the purpose of exchanging ideas, resources and income generating opportunities.


In order to maximize the potential of your network it is essential that you evaluate the power of your presence in the marketplace. How are you showing up at meetings, events and societal functions? Are you aware of the perception your brand image is conveying to potential clients, investors and loyal supporters?

If you desire to significantly influence the masses and create a magnetic attraction that will lead to lucrative partnerships, now is the time to commit to polishing your public persona. Here are three simple steps to present a powerful presence online and offline.

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1)      Create a consistent habit of adding value to the lives of others without expecting anything in return. The leaders who stand out are those who make impactful contributions for the pure joy of making a difference.  This can only occur when you impart from a place of abundance rather than insufficiency.

2)      Showcase your best self in person and via social media. What if a person of affluence were considering the possibility of conducting business with you and made a snap decision based on first impressions? Would they call or be appalled?

3)      In the words of Goethe, “Boldness has genius in it!” In order to be taken seriously, purpose to communicate intentionally with great conviction. Eliminate words such as guess, maybe, try, can’t etc…The majority seek to follow a leader who possesses a heart of courage not a cowardly lion.

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When you focus on becoming a positive force of good and create waves of change within your sphere of influence; every seed of possibility planted is sure to produce a successful harvest in return.

Kristie Kennedy, Women’s Empowerment Speaker, Small Business and Leadership Development Coach provides simple success strategies to overcome everyday challenges, internal conflicts and confidence killers.



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