Money For Lunch – 3 Simple Tips for Busy Moms Who Never Stop

3 Simple Tips for Busy Moms Who Never Stop

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Babies, children, teens, offspring in general: they are exhausting! No matter how much you may believe you are prepared to take on parenthood, nothing makes you ready for the level of fatigue and sleep deprivation that awaits you. Add to this unreal level of fatigue will be the sudden increase in how often you see other moms who seemingly move effortlessly through their days. Not only do these moms appear to possess an inner calm and tranquility, but they are also full of energy, attending to the pandemonium children bring to their lives. How do they do it? Here are three simple tips to help you stay awake and aware.


Some great ways to pick yourself up during your endless day of mothering and adult duties is by poking at your senses. Brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash. The toothpaste/mouthwash combination will tingle in your mouth.

Drink a coffee. In the break room, at work, or at the bank, if you see coffee being offered, do not hold back. The chances are high that the business providing that much-needed beverage is offering high-quality caffeinated pick-me-ups like the coffee service Philadelphia working moms get to enjoy. If you prefer cold, crunch on some ice cubes or enjoy an iced coffee.

Keep cool. Warm and cozy is great, but not for a mom on the run. Any tired soul knows warmth equals sleep. Stay cool to fight off sleep, and remain awake and aware. Open your curtains and blinds as well as turning on the lights. Your body and senses respond to light and want to keep on moving.

Conversation is stimulation. Chat it up wherever and with whomever you find yourself in the day. Whether it is your kids, coworkers or the family dog, talking out loud keeps you awake and focused.


Ok, so you might think that this is the problem, you are always moving and on the go. Just keep moving not only refers to being active but how you are active. Running around with your hair on fire from one thing to the next will only end with a wasting of your energy and sanity.

Instead, wait for a moment; pay attention to what you are doing and where you are at in your day. Going slowly and thinking about what you are doing will give you more time. Walk instead of running, slow things down and make the most of your activities. Less of your precious energy will be lost.

If you have a minute between commitments, keep your blood pumping with some movement. Even if you do not have time for a proper exercise routine, a mere 30 seconds of any physical movement will get your body moving and benefit you enormously. Attack those dishes or piles of laundry. If it is something on your computer, stand instead of sitting while you work.


Finally, acceptance is the key to keeping yourself on the go. Just as important as moving and stimulating yourself is to be mindful and recognize your day. Taking a moment to slow down, pay attention, in addition to remaining active will provide more energy than your tired self-believes. You are not giving up or allowing defeat and tiredness to set in rather you are choosing a mindset that will lighten your load.

Busy schedules jam-packed with work hours, countless activities and commitments may leave you believing you will never feel good again. Not true. Try incorporating these tips into your day, and you will be amazed by how much more you feel awake. If you find that your current workout routine does not follow a regular schedule, remember that staying active means maintaining a healthy mindset as well. Commit yourself to planning ahead, fitting in small exercises where you can, and you are certain to discover the joy of being an active mom, not just the fatigue!

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