Money For Lunch – 3 Things You Can Save Money Buying Refurbished

3 Things You Can Save Money Buying Refurbished

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One of the most important details to consider in the future personal success of your life is how you spend your money. Almost everything in the world has an attachment to your wallet. You have to pay for everything from good advice to your drinking water.

In the planet’s relentless pursuit of your hard earned cash, how are you supposed to stay afloat in the proverbial money boat? One of the easiest ways is not to waste your income on brand new items.

Buying refurbished can not only save you money, but help you appreciate what you have and don’t have. Here are three products that you can buy refurbished and give your bank account the superhero it’s praying for.

Gaming Equipment

 The gaming world is abuzz day and night with the latest gaming consoles, games, downloadable content, and space aged controllers. The going price for a new console these days is between $400 and $600. Most of us don’t carry that kind of disposable income.

The newest games can run from $40-$120 a piece. There is also an avenue to create your own personalised controllers. What’s the going rate? Try $100. There are a few reasons to buy refurbished gaming equipment. First, as soon as you crack that bad boy open, it depreciates in value.

Second, more often than not, the first version of any game or console is bound to have unaddressed bugs that may cost you more in the long run to fix. Third, it’s just cheaper! There comes a time in life that you have to realize the wiser consumer is the one who spent less for the same quality of function.

 Cell Phones

 It would be an extremely difficult task to find someone under the age of 18 without the need for a cell phone. We do everything with them. They keep our own personal phone books, remind us when to get up, and allow us to communicate with almost anyone in the world anytime we get ready.

However, if you plan on buying a new one, get ready to take out a loan. Interested in a new iPhone? You will spend between $700 and $1000. That’s before taxes. Are you more of an Android person? How good does $600-$800 sound?

Cell phones have become so expensive, many companies offer payment plans for purchasing them. Buying a well refurbished cell phone, in most cases, will save you $300 right off the bat.


 Let’s face it. There are too many destinations that we have to get to on a daily basis that are miles apart. Walking or biking are very healthy alternatives, but often prove impractical. That’s where our need for a car comes in.

Owning a car is almost as necessary as having a cell phone. Be that as it may, even the cheapest brand new car out there will cost you close to $12,000 without tax, tag, or title.  Purchasing a new one just isn’t a wise move for a few reasons.

Again, as soon as you drive your new vehicle off the lot, it’s value immediately drops by at least 5%. Buying used, or refurbished, will save you several thousand dollars on average. It should be an easy call.

Want to save your hard earned paycheck from going up in smoke? Practice smart shopping skills and buy refurbished.




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