Money For Lunch – 3 Ways How a Parental Control App for Android Helps You Keep the Technology Dangers Away

3 Ways How a Parental Control App for Android Helps You Keep the Technology Dangers Away

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There are different things that you need to think about once your kid starts using the internet and smartphones. There are some risks involved such as social media and gaming addiction which affects their sleep, health, and academics. Sexting; in which kids share sexual or naked photos with each other. Kids also face bullying on social sites and through texts and calls. Family interaction is becoming minimal. These are the things that require the experts to say that children need proper digital ethics education and monitoring in order to stay safe. Along with your close observation about their behavior and good communication, it is also recommended to use digital monitoring software.

Let me tell you how a parental control app for android helps you:

Detect dangers

It has internet, apps, text, calls and contacts monitoring features. With regular monitoring, you can know if they are viewing any adult websites and using unsafe gaming platforms. You can also catch sexting slang, harassment calls and text bullying, and unsafe mobile applications. By knowing about such behaviors earlier, you can initiate a conversation, establish rules and then make sure that they follow the rules. You can also create a Watchlist of all the shady/unknown contacts and get notified when they call or text your child.

Block apps

Mobile applications are very easily available in the app stores. There is a wide range of apps and not all of them are safe. There are apps that encourage sexting, anonymous chatting, show porn and some even allow them to hide data from others. The mobile games are also very addictive and eat up their time. With the help of the app blocker, you can block any app from the installed apps anytime you want. Kids can no longer use such apps.

Control screen time

The most important thing is to teach them the importance of getting offline and establishing a routine that contains digital time out. It is good for their health, rest, studies and the much needed time with family. You can digitally lock their devices for as much time as you want. It forces them to go offline. Don’t just leave them here but fill up their digital breaks with sports and other fun physical activities. Don’t let them get bored as it is the key reason for them to turn to their devices.

FamilyTime app has all these – monitoring tools, app blocker, screen time limits, location tracking, Geofence and panic alerts to keep kids safe. Take a look at these premium features in detail or go ahead and try first hand.


It is vital to protect teens, tweens and even younger kids from these dangers. It advised to start early and keep it going till their teenage. A parental control app for Android is well equipped for this. Get started with one today and secure your kids.

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