Money For Lunch – 3 Ways To Make Money Online

3 Ways To Make Money Online

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Many people love the idea of working from home and would love to have a way to be able to make money without ever having to leave the house.  This is where making money online can be a great opportunity.

Many people have full on careers which are based entirely online.  They have the freedom of choosing their own schedule, never have to wear a suit and tie into an office, and have found a way to make a considerable amount of money doing so. If you think that you may want to make money online but aren’t sure how to get started, here are some ideas which could yield big bucks.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is a goldmine when it comes to being able to produce money.  If you start a channel and start getting a pretty decent following, you can make money off of enabling video advertising.

Each time that your video plays, an ad pops up and viewers are shown a small series of commercials, or sometimes just a pop-up.  Each time a viewer clicks this ad, you are given a small payment to your Google AdSense account.

When your video starts getting into the millions of views, you can make up to millions of dollars a year like several YouTube stars.  This isn’t to say that it’s likely to happen to just anyone.  By presenting a marketable and worthy channel you are much more likely to have success in this arena.  Get creative and see if you think you can become a YouTube star.

Endorsing Products

If you have a blog or social media account which has a decent following, you can endorse products or services, which in turn pay you for advertising for them.  In order to get a decent following, you will have to actively take care of your page and encourage a following.

In the world of social media influencing, numbers are everything.  By putting work into growing your audience every day, you make yourself more and more likely to make money off of endorsing products.

In the beginning you may have to approach business yourself, however, after you reach a certain number of followers, the businesses will start coming to you.

Selling on eBay

Many people have built careers off of selling products on eBay.  The wonderful thing about eBay is its flexibility.  You can sell just about anything to anyone in the world. With this kind of an outreach you can potentially make millions on your online store.

In addition to the flexibility and access to people worldwide, you are also protected by PayPal which means less potential for fraud, benefiting not only the buyers but you as a seller.



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