Money For Lunch – 4 Easy Ways Motorists Can Save Money on Car Running Costs

4 Easy Ways Motorists Can Save Money on Car Running Costs

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The rising cost of fuel, expensive repairs and eye-watering insurance costs can often make running a vehicle an increasingly expensive responsibility. In the end, running a car becomes the second biggest investment for most people, behind owning a home. As such, the cost of the convenience of having one is something we all have to accept if we are to own a vehicle. Having a car doesn’t have to mean crippling bills however, and there are lots of ways for motorists to cut costs and fully enjoy their vehicle without the worry of looming financial trouble up ahead.

  1. Choose Your Insurance Policy Wisely

One of the biggest recurring costs of running a car is the insurance premiums which motorists are required to pay by law. Many drivers who may be a little strapped for cash often opt to purchase a third part policy rather than a fully comprehensive one as a way of saving money. But that is not always the case as insurance policies are actually calculated according to risk. As such shopping around is advisable and there are many comparison sites online that can help.

Other tips for saving on your insurance cover include adding other experienced drivers such as family members on the policy and paying your premiums in full rather than in instalments. 

  1. Regular Maintenance

Most motorists tend to get their cars fixed when something goes wrong and will otherwise use their cars normally on a day to day basis. However one of the best tips when running a car is to carry out regular servicing and maintenance of the vehicle as it helps to prolong its reliability and life. For example, getting windscreen chip repair carried out early can save you hundreds of pounds in replacement costs further down the line if the problem is left to deteriorate.

With regular servicing and maintenance you’re able to keep your vehicle in its best condition which cuts down on fuel use as well as helping you to spot any issues early before they worsen and cost more to fix. 

  1. Always Park in Designated Bays

Another expense that is often overlooked by many motorists is that of parking ticket charges. At the end of the day the cost of a ticket charge for just the one time you quickly leave your car where it’s not allowed can end up costing you more than your yearly parking costs combined depending on the location. As such it just makes sense to always park in your car’s designated bays, as well as promptly paying any parking fees being charged. 

  1. Hunt Out Less Expensive Fuel

One of the wonders of the digital age is that the popular phrase ‘there is an app for that’ is actually very true. Many motorists now take advantage of fuel price-tracking apps as a way to save on car running expenses. The service stations you find offering good prices will preferably be within a reasonable distance otherwise it becomes a false economy but competition always means that various local places may have deals available when others don’t.

Making use of supermarket reward cards or cashback on credit cards can also help to bring down the cost of your fuel and grow your loyalty card points.

Whether you’re a new or experienced car owner, these tips are a good place to start when it comes to saving money on your vehicle running costs. In addition to the above, even the little things count, including doing the washing and vacuuming or changing light bulbs yourself and before you know it; you’ll have saved hundreds of pounds a year.


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