Money For Lunch – 4 Workouts to Deprioritize When You Want to Lose Weight

4 Workouts to Deprioritize When You Want to Lose Weight

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‘Work out regularly’. Is this the most common phrase for people suffering weight issues? An active exercise regimen is great for weight loss. However, weight loss is not the only reason for exercising. Regular fitness trainings come with several perks including enhanced moods, better sleep, great brain and improved overall health.

Unfortunately, many people believe that anything that gets you sweating is for weight loss. While it is good to try different workouts, certain exercises are not so great in helping people lose weight. If your primary goal is to cut weight as much as possible, you need to reconsider certain exercises in your priority. While not encouraging you to keep off the following exercises, health experts and fitness gurus agree that they have minimal impacts in weight loss.


I can probably guess the look on your face. Well, yoga is a great practice with multiple benefits. Active weight loss is not one of them, however. Yoga helps you to gain strength and tone up. To shed the excess pounds as required, one needs to engage in exercises that stimulate the body’s metabolism. Apparently, yoga is not one of the workouts that effectively guarantee this.

Indoor cycling

Cycling is a good practice for the heart, no doubt about that. When it comes to losing weight, however, indoor cycling doesn’t promise much help. The format of indoor cycling classes can be too aggressive. Most people get hungry after such an exercise. What follows next is snacking, which only seeks to reverse the gain made.

Cardio-only exercise

If your chief goal is to lose weight, you should go slow on cardio exercises. This might sound somehow confusing considering that cardio helps in burning calories. However, the evident question remains, at what price does it achieve this? Most people admit that cardio make them feel hungry, leading to increased calorie consumption after the workouts. This works against the original plan of losing weight and rationalizing calorie intake.

Professional bodybuilders understand that engaging in cardio without balancing with strength training results in loss of lean muscle. Steroidsforsale experts agree that even those on a cutting cycle need to integrate cardio with well-considered weight training exercises.


It might have as well featured top on the list. Experienced fitness experts advise that is exercise is not worth the risk. For someone who is just starting the weight loss journey, you probably do not have the strength to ensure an effective CrossFit workout without sustaining injuries. The workouts involved are very challenging and interesting. However, they are not fit for someone who is not in perfect shape. You can think of prioritizing other simple workouts before enrolling for this one.

Again, active exercises are good compared to nothing as far as weight loss in concerned. However, not all of them will grant you the desirable outcomes. If you want to lose weight effectively and maintain perfect health, you need to be very selective in the trainings you undertake.


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