Money For Lunch – 5 Apps That Take the Pain out of Travel Expense Reports

5 Apps That Take the Pain out of Travel Expense Reports

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You have enough to worry about when you’re running a small business that travel expense reports shouldn’t take up much of your time. There are too many other important things like increasing your customer base and finding new ways to grow and keep up with competitors.

Unfortunately, tracking travel expenses are a necessity for many small businesses. Since this is the case, you should at least find ways to make the process as painless as possible. The good news is that there are apps for your mobile devices that make reporting expenses a breeze. Here are some of the top apps that can help your expense reporting run a lot smoother, letting you get back to business.


Concur is a fully-functional app that is simple to use and lets your employees easily keep track of their expenses.

Your employees can do everything, right from their mobile devices. They can import data from all of their credit cards, take photos of their receipts for easy input (both online and offline), have expense reports approved, itemize charges at hotels and even book hotels and airlines, all within the app.

This app is a compliment to the full Concur program, which is a very popular expense-tracking solution for businesses. If you already use Concur, you just simply go the the website and create mobile PINs for all of your employees, and the app automatically syncs the data.

Smart Receipts

If you want a stand-alone app that can help you track business expenses, then Smart Receipts may be your answer.

This app has been optimized for mobile use, so the program responds quickly and is very intuitive to use. As with most expense reporting apps, you can take a photo of your receipts and the app with automatically enter all of the relevant information. You can then compile all of the receipts into a .pdf report that you can submit by email, or you can convert is to CSV for export to Excel. It can support many different currencies from around the world and it features a smart prediction algorithm for the time of day to decide which category to place your expenses in.

Automatic Call Recorder for Me

When employees are traveling, there can be so many different problems that arise that it’s nice to have a backup. The Automatic Call Recorder for Me app can provide you with that backup plan.

This app records any calls to your phone that you want and allows you to place bookmarks at important times during the conversation. This way, you have easy recall to important information, like a sudden change in travel plans or problems with reservations. You can search through your recordings easily by time and date or by contact number.

The app is very customizable so you can decide which calls to record and which calls to forgo.

Let today’s technology help take the pressure of difficult expense reporting away so you can focus on more import business issues.

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