Money For Lunch – 5 Awesome Hacks To Save Money On Your Laundry Costs

5 Awesome Hacks To Save Money On Your Laundry Costs

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Whoever said that death, taxes, and change are the only two constants in this world must have no experience doing laundry. Laundry is a basic necessity for every household–small or big, rich or poor, urban, suburban or rural.

However, like all necessities, laundry comes with its inherent burdens: valuable time, money, and resources spent away from other, more pertinent activities. Fortunately, with today’s automatic washers and dryers, doing your laundry is now much, much easier than before. Washing and drying that, in the past, took hours of focused work can now be done remotely and in less time. So instead of wasting away the hours watch your clothes spin, you can now program your laundry machines to wash, dry, and clean with the push of a button.

Tired of managing your dirty laundry? Here are 5 Awesome Hacks To Save Money On Your Laundry Costs. 

  1. Maintain Your Appliances Regularly

A well-maintained machine saves you money and a lot of headache. Rather than spend on repairs or buying new machines, just make sure to take care of the ones you already have.

That said, if you’re stuck with a poor-quality washer or dryer that keeps breaking down, replace it right away. Proper maintenance only applies when you already have good machines to work with. The folks from Continental Girbau offer all sorts of quality items like coin-operated washers, commercial dryers, and all kinds of awesome laundry machines at reasonable prices.

  1. Do Fewer Loads

If you are using a coin-operated washer, the easiest way to cut your yearly laundry budget is by doing fewer loads. Start by wearing heavy clothing (e.g. jeans and jackets) more than once before washing. Take a cue from Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh and wash your denim items sparingly.

Other items you should wash less frequently are towels and bed sheets. Towels can be used two to three times before washing and bed sheets, between two weeks and a month depending on the weather.

  1. Use Cold Water To Wash

When you wash in hot water, 90% of your energy costs are spent on water heating. Lower the thermostat and use cold water. Nine times out of ten, you won’t even be able to tell the difference. Besides, a lot of today’s’ detergents are formulated for cold water washing anyway.

If you have items that absolutely need to be washed in hot water, place them in a separate batch. 

  1. Line Dry Your Clothes

Heavy clothing like jeans, jackets, and comforters are best when air-dried. Aside from the fact that most spin dryers can’t dry them completely, they also create a lot of wear-and-tear for your machines. Therefore, air-drying heavy items not only saves you money on dryer costs, it actually reduces the wear and tear of both your machines and clothing. 

  1. Reduce Product Use

A lot of people make the mistake of doubling down on detergent and other products. Save yourself some money by reading the directions on each bottle. More often than not, you’ll realize you were using way too much all along.

Saving on your laundry costs has never been easier. All it takes is some discipline and a little planning to ensure that everything goes as efficiently as possible.


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