Money For Lunch – 5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Cleaning Makes Perfect Sense

5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Cleaning Makes Perfect Sense

January 6, 2017 11:22 AM0 commentsViews: 20

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Take the weight off of your staff’s backs, and get a great quality cleaning company in to take care of the mess. Outsourcing your cleaning needs can have a range of great surprising and helpful benefits, and it means you’re getting a great job completed on top of the time you are saving, but of course, it comes at a price.

We talked to residential and commercial cleaning company Vapor Clean and asked them why outsourcing your cleaning really does make sense.

It’s So Easy to Set Up

Setting up your new cleaning services is a very simple case of contacting your top local cleaning services, sorting a regular contract, and letting them get on with it. Compare that to hiring your own in-house cleaner, or trying to delegate endless cleaning roles within your staff.

You can have a reliable, professional cleaning service maintaining your business within days of the first call, the only real difficulty being finding the best company for the job.

Cleaning is Awful!

Cleaning weighs heavy on staff, and leaving your staff, the people who represent your business to the public, with unpleasant and unforgiving tasks, will leave you with miserable staff. You do not want additional cleaning roles to be dropped on your staff. Happy people work harder. This is an absolutely ancient rule of managing people, the happier people are to do the job, the better quality of work on said job.

People need to feel like what they’re doing is worthwhile, and if not directly benefiting them, then at the very least benefiting and building the company. Getting a quality contract with a cleaning company allows them to step in and take the weight off of your employee’s backs, and gives you back happier and more contented staff.

Makes for Greater Levels of Automation

You need to make the running of the business simpler! Management don’t need any extra stress or chores. Removing the chore of organizing and managing your own cleaning staff, and having to waste time solving personal issues, will always reduce overall costs and equip your company with better efficiency and flexibility.

On top of that, any cleaning company worth their salt will be buying cleaning materials in cheaper bulk form from specialized suppliers, and passing the saving along to their customers, another key saving for you.

Better Trainer, Better Equipped

Why not hire someone with the training, equipment and knowledge behind them? The fact is, the average person does not have the skill or knowledge of how to remove certain stains, scuffs and grime from varied surfaces, definitely not to a professional standard. Most people pretty handy with a vacuum cleaner, fairly reliable with a cloth and that’s about it.

There are a myriad of better, quicker and more time efficient ways to deal with problems that would take untrained cleaner’s hours. Unless you plan on investing time and money training your staff up to that skill level, I’d really consider hiring the experts. Else run the risk of valuable hours of yours or your staffs wasted doing a substandard job and leaving your business paying the extra hours to finish the cleaning task in its entirety.

Very Cost Effective

The fact is, any responsible manager or owner will be worrying about cost.  The rule is always going to be that minimizing expenditure maximizes profit. But it also remains true that outsourcing to dedicated cleaning companies, who are time-efficient, knowledgeable and skilled at their job, can save you, and your staff, precious hours of cleaning, or organizing your own cleaners.

If anyone at your business spends more than two hours a day cleaning, then getting a contract cleaning company in could be a very cost-effective solution. You’ve got to remember that having an in-house cleaner means that you have to factor in holiday cover, sick cover, maternity leave, as well as National Insurance. These will all build up if you’re needing two hours plus of cleaning every day. You’d also never again be over a barrel in terms of finding last minute cover, as all this would be covered by the cleaning company.


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