Money For Lunch – 5 Tips to Help You Sell Your Apartment Faster

5 Tips to Help You Sell Your Apartment Faster

January 9, 2017 8:45 AM0 commentsViews: 24

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We all look back on the memories we’ve made in our homes. House, apartment, or RV. Life has certainly given us plenty to reminisce about. The goofy accidents, the first new appliance, breaking that one lamp, family growing up. It’s what made it so special for you.

Sometimes we need to move on. Getting a new job, going back to school, retirement, are just some of the reasons you are looking to sell your apartment. If you seem to be running into trouble selling the place, here are some tips to help you sell quicker.

  1. Master THE Art OF Timing

One of the most common reasons your place isn’t selling is because your timing is off. Think of the market as hot season of selling and cold season of selling.

The hot seasons are usually April to March, and October to November. These are prime times to sell your place because the demand for places outweighs the supply. The cold seasons are the rest of the year unfortunately. It’s not impossible to sell then, but odds are if you’re lucky to sell it work be for what it’s worth.

  1. Give It a New Facelift

What potential buyers see, is as important as what the apartment has. Look to make some simple fixes to “spice it up”.

Paint the walls and rooms new colors, and do it perfectly. Try fixing up some surface problems like: deep cleaning carpets, dusting, ridding the apartment of any odors, replacing outlet receptacles and light switches, and cleaning all the appliances that are included in the apartment.

If the visuals of the apartment help the buyer decide to buy, then making it shine is a smart choice.

  1. Know Your Target Market

Most of us wouldn’t just hand of the keys to anyone. We’d like to have a bit of confidence in the choice we made. That’s why its key to know who you are targeting when it comes to future buyers. This can also better prepare you to make a quicker sale.

Imagine the kind of person or people you looking to sell to. Are they more business or professional people? Maybe look to prepare the apartment accordingly by converting a spare room to a library or work space.

If you’re looking for more of a more family driven buyers, trying making a spare room look as though it come the room of their next child or current child. Knowing whom your targeting can better prepare you for a faster sell.

  1. Right Pricing

It’s a lot like the nursey story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Listing the apartment too high will get you very little offers, and listing too low will lose you valuable money. When you list just right, everyone wins…but mostly you.

Listing too high give buyers the fear that there may be something wrong with it. sold. Especially if it has been on the market a while. When buyers see, Maple Ridge townhouses for sale, they shouldn’t be turn off from considering it because they remember that one listing that is always on there and never sells.

Pricing correctly and fairly is something that will take a bit of research. Check the prices of similar listings in the area, see what these places have gone for. You’ll have a great platform of where your apartment sits in pricing.

  1. Help FROM Neighbors

It would be a lot easier if you know someone personally to sell to. Or better yet, sell to someone that other can vouch for, like your neighbors. When you think about it, your neighbors will be the one having to live next to these people, it may be worth asking them for help on buyers.

Networking is so valuable in life. Everyone knows somebody, and they know even more people. Tap into this bountiful ability. Get some others involved, make your life a lot easier. Chance are it just might go quick.

Be prepared for selling. Let’s not let this apartment to of the proverbial “shelf” of the internet housing listings. Follow these tips if you want to better your odds of a much quicker sale.



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