Money For Lunch – 5 Ways to Get Your Message Out There

5 Ways to Get Your Message Out There

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Whether you’re a political activist or an aspiring entrepreneur, a social scientist, an academic or a small business owner, getting your message heard over the clamor of other information can be a great struggle. It can sometimes feel like there’s ‘too much information’ for your own voice to take center stage. There’s plenty of ways to amplify your message, though, and this article outlines five of the easiest and most effective methods of getting your message out there and ensuring you get your voice heard.

Posters and Flyers

While the internet offers a variety of means to communicate with a large audience, there are still the old-fashioned ways of getting attention; designing your own posters or flyers, and putting them up around town. Even though our heads are more on our phones these days than looking on plastered wall adverts, you’ll be surprised to find just how many people respond to physical adverts.


 There are a great many reasons why this can be an excellent idea and a few reasons why this might not be. If you’ve got something to say of a political or social nature, heading out and knocking on doors is one of the oldest and easiest ways of communicating eloquently with the public. That said, you’ll have to think carefully about the neighborhood you’re in, and whether you’ll offend people or disturb people who’d rather be left alone.

Website Creation

Websites these days are not all about swanky designs and bright colors – they also require optimization in search engine fields to be found by the public. Enlisting the help of Website Design and SEO Experts, who’ll curate your website to attract a lot of traffic, is one of the most efficient ways of quickly amassing an audience for your message. Because a web page is always static and ever-present on the internet, you’ll see hits rolling in constantly to read your message.


As well as putting up posters and posting online via your website, using advertising companies is a sure-fire way to get your voice heard across demographics and even countries. Digital marketing can target members of the public you feel would be most interested in the information you’re providing, meaning that your money will go further in advertising to only the people that really matter.

Social Media

There are dozens of ways in which expert use of social media can truly boost your profile and give you a voice. Especially important in attracting a younger audience, using sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram regularly will slowly build your support. If you’re wise or lucky enough to create something that goes viral, you’ll see an exponential rise in your social capital, allowing you to broadcast your message to millions.

Whether it’s a political urge, a business brand, an identity assertion or even a piece of art you’ve created, it can be a little tough to find an audience that has enough time to see it. Using these five tips, you’ll cover all bases in amplifying your voice and getting your message out there for the masses.


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