Money For Lunch – 5 Ways To Save Money On Home Improvement

5 Ways To Save Money On Home Improvement

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We all have dreams and goals for our living spaces.  Some home improvement aspirations are loftier than others, but the end goal is always easier living.

Today’s economy can make it a bit challenging to find the funding for your most warranted home improvement projects, but where there is a will, there is usually a way.  If it is ideas you need, take a few moments to read through a few helpful ways you can save money for that coveted home improvement project.

Refrain from doing a complete remodel

Just because a space does not work for you and your family, does not mean that you need to gut the space.  Work to improve the efficiency of the space, rather than focusing on size.

Try refurbishing the existing features of the room.  In the kitchen, for instance, pull old cabinets down and give them a fresh coat of paint.  Then replace the old knobs and pulls for a brand new look.

Do the demo and prep work yourself

Before jumping into the financial responsibilities of hiring a contractor to do the work on your home, consider doing the demo and prep work yourself.  Do more of the work if your skill set allows, but be careful not to get in over your head.

You do not want to try to fix or build something when you are not entirely sure of the process.  Not only could it compromise the quality of the build, but you could cause safety issues down the line.

Shop around for contractors

If your home improvement job does require the help of outsiders, put some effort into hiring a contractor.  Research local businesses, and ask around for personal references before investing any money into a contract.

Vet your possible options, and have them come give you an estimate on the job.  Pay attention to the small details, like punctuality, and get at least three bids before making a final decision.

Do not fear mid grade or second-hand materials

Choosing premium materials for your project will cost you a premium price.  Most premium products do not add as much longevity and integrity to the structure as homeowners think they do.  Try shopping around for mid grade or second-hand products.

Yes, they do have their advantages, but think of it all this way.  Even if you live in a home for 30 years or more, you are bound to want to do upgrades anyway.  There is no need to go all out everytime you remodel.

Add natural lighting without adding windows

The darkened spaces of your home could use a little extra natural lighting, but installing a window can be an expensive process.  Instead of cutting out a huge hole in the side of your house for a window, try installing a simple light tube.

The average cost of installing a window will run you around $1500.  The average cost of installing a light tube is only $500.


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