Money For Lunch – Ask These Questions Before You Say Yes To Your Wedding Venue

Ask These Questions Before You Say Yes To Your Wedding Venue

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First off, Congratulations on finalizing your big day! With the dates fixed and nearing by, you sure would have started checking out all the amazing venues on your list. Planning a wedding is easy, said no one ever. In fact, once you fix a venue, everything might fall into its place on its own. So relax a bit, we will try and help you a little bit regarding your choice of venue.

There are several amazing wedding venues that you might hear about or find after little bit of struggle. But not all venues are your perfect fit for your perfect day. Listen, just because the venue is available on the day of your choice and your price range, you cannot choose it. We will list down the things that you can’t ignore asking about the venue.

What time do guests have to leave the venue?

When you book the venue, ensure you ask about the time you will have to vacate the premises. Make sure it would be alright with your guests’ timings. In case they would not be able to clear before the premise, you might have spell more bucks than you have agreed for.

Is the venue child and elderly friendly?

If your guest list contains kids, do not forget to ask if the venue is kids friendly and the options for their entertainment. Also ask if there were lifts and venue was wheel chair friendly if elderly people might grace the occasion.

Is there ample parking space?

Get an approximate count of parking space you might be needing and ensure the venue can make it available on that day. Also enquire about the valet parking and extra charges and tipping that comes with that.

Are they strict about using their in house caterer and decorator?

Some like Fig and Olive Chicago, might be offering in house caterer and even decorator. You may or not opt for them. But it is one of those critical choices you have to make before you zero in on the venue. If you want to choose them, ensure you have tasting session before you accept them.

Do they have any restrictions on the type of alcohol and food served?

Most venues have restrictions on the type of alcohol served. For example, red wines are often avoided due to their stain issues. Also, ask them if you can bring in their own wine, even if you choose their in house catering.

Are there other weddings to be taking on the same day?

Some huge venues usually book multiple weddings on the same day. In such cases there might be several wedding planners available, so make sure you get to meet the correct one. Also make sure the schedule of the weddings do not clash.

Who will act as the in-house coordinator?

Find the person who will be your go-to guy for everything related to your wedding. Usually this person comes along with the package that you choose. Heaven forbid, in case anything goes awry, he should be the one who will be taking care of it during the D day.

All the best to your dream wedding venue hunt!


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