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B&G Sprayers – Get Maximum Results While Protecting your Investment

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Many Parks & Recreation Departments use some type of manual B&G Sprayers for weed control, pest control, decreasing, or other maintenance activities. Are you doing everything possible to ensure you and your employees are getting maximum results and value from your Department’s B&G 1 gallon sprayer investment? Here are some […]

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Pest Control Spray Rig – Are You In the Market for New Equipment?

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Now, here are some ideas to consider when evaluating new PMP equipment. 1. Can the benefits of the new pest control spray rig equipment be financially quantified? – Will sales increase from: Add on sales to existing customers Acquisition of new customers Ability to raise prices – Will expenses by reduced by: Decrease […]

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Pest Control Spray Equipment – 5 Tips to Reduce Downtime

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A significant number of  pest control spray equipment breakdowns are completely avoidable. Do you want to reduce equipment repair expenses, downtime and missed appointments? A few simple concepts can do wonders for your pest control technician productivity. 1. Under Pressure. Pressure is good. Without it, most power and manual pest control sprayers won’t work. The problem is too […]

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Power Sprayers & Your Truck

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Choosing the wrong truck for your power spray equipment can impact profitability and productivity. Be sure to consider some of the following factors when buying a truck to install your  power sprayers. Many new trucks have features that can impact installation and use of power spray equipment. Payload Capacity – The truck must […]

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Pest Control Sprayers at NPMA Pest World – Las Vegas

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Returned from a week in Las Vegas at the National Pest Management Association Pest World trade show. We had a successful show and were able to introduce our  pest control sprayersto hundreds of pest control operators who weren’t familiar with us. We were effective by showing attendees how our spray rigs were constructed […]

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Pest Control Sprayer – A Total Loss

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A technician brought in a B&G Pest Control Hand Sprayer and asked us to repair it.  He said it wouldn’t spray.  A quick look revealed the sprayer had never been properly cleaned.  The filter screen was completely clogged.  Here is a photo the screen along with what a new one […]

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Landscape Sprayer Pump Woes

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Technician brought his Landscape Sprayer in yesterday and said we wasn’t getting any pressure.  One look at his Diaphragm Pump and we could see it was leaking oil from the oil reservoir.  He had tried to stop the leak by putting a plastic bag under the cap. The cap to the oil […]

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​Pest Control Equipment Efficiency Tips

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Safety is Free. The Little Things Also Matter. Safety is not just a good idea, it’s a great investment for your  pest control spray equipment. In attention to safety has huge financial implications: increased expenses (workers comp, spill clean ups, medical bills, lawsuits, repairs, etc.), lost productivity, employee turnover, customer impacts, bad […]

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Hard to Find Termite Tools to make your job easier

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Just finished building our  Termite Central page.  We want to make it easy for our clients to find difficult to find termite tools, injectors, termite rods, sub slab injectors, flow meters, termite plugs, etc. Would appreciate your comments on the page and also your suggestion on what other tools we should add. TERMITE RODS […]

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Pest Control Equipment Safety 2

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Pest Control Equipment –  Vehicle Load Safety. Pest control spray Equipment safety is not just a good idea, it’s a great investment. Inattention to safety has huge financial implications: increased expenses (workers comp, clean ups, medical bills, lawsuits, repairs, etc.), lost productivity, employee turnover, customer impacts, bad publicity, etc. I will discuss vehicle load […]

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