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Pest Control Spray Equipment – Big Idea #2

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Want to get more life from your pest control spray equipment? Take the pressure off!  When you are done spraying, relieve the pressure.  Squeeze the handle of your gun to release the pressure.  If you must, spray the material back into the tank.  We don’t want to create a spill or […]

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Weed Control Sprayers – Kind of Biggish Idea #2.57

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Want to get more life from your weed control sprayers?  Don’t push your equipment to its limits.  Our experience is that techs run weed control power spray rigs at high speeds to get done quickly, and tend to overpressurize B&Gs and backpacks.  All of these actions will reduce sprayer life. Your power spray […]

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Pest Control Sprayers – Quick Hint 17b

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Want to get more life, and have fewer problems, with your pest control sprayers (or weed control sprayer, etc)? Clean it out. Periodically, rinse out your equipment with clean water and run the clean water through the entire system. Whether it is your big power sprayer or your 4 gallon backpack sprayer […]

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Water Tank Baffles Improve Pest Control Equipment Safety

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Our customers have been asking for poly tanks water baffles to reduce water surge and improve safety. Until recently, we had no way of providing a solution. As pest control operators go with smaller trucks to save on gas, the issue of tank baffles and vehicle control is even more […]

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Pest Control Equipment – Safety is Free

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Pest control equipment – is your toolbox – storage or flying lawsuit? The first in a series of articles on pest control & weed control equipment safety. The costs of lack of safety can be big: injured employees, medical expenses, clean up expenses, increased insurance (auto, workers comp, liability) expenses, customer […]

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Honey Bee Safety – Use a Bee Suit

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Bee Careful!  Honey bee safety requires the use of a professional bee suit. Just published an article on honey bee safety on The editors there liked it so much they named me an expert author!  Be sure to wear your beesuit. BEE SUIT BEESUIT HONEY BEE SAFETY  

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Pest Control Sprayer – Inspect the Bolts

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Pest control spray rigs are in your truck – they need to stay there. How long has it been since you inspected the bolts holding your pest control sprayer in your truck. Nuts can come loose, truck beds can rust, etc.  You don’t want your rig flying out in the event of an […]

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Power Spray Equipment – Safety is Free

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Power Spray Equipment – Safety Hint – 2nd in a series. Examine your power spray rig.  Are the power sprayer water tank straps snug?  Intact?   Secure?  Any signs of wear?  Do a thorough inspection periodically.  You do not want a tank flying off your truck, becoming a water-filled projectile. POWER SPRAY RIG […]

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Birchmeier Backpack Sprayers – Best in the Business

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Birchmeier makes the best backpack sprayer in the business. It is backed by a 2 year warranty. In my experience, if properly maintained and serviced, it can provide many years of service. There are a number of easy steps you can take to extend the life of your backpack. Tip #1 – Always […]

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Landscape Sprayers – How does that work?

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I received a call today from a gentleman in CA who was starting a lawn fertilizing business. He saw the large variety of landscape sprayerson our site and wanted to check prices. I asked a few questions, like what type of fertilizer will you be applying and how many gallons of […]

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