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Andrew Greess Pest Control Equipment Expert. President at, a leading Spray Equipment website Thunderbird School of Global Management. Phoenix, Arizona Area

Termite Spray Rigs – How Can They Do That?

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We received a call from a termite control company in TX. They wanted a quote on a 300 gallon termite spray trailer. After collecting the necessary data, we provided a quote. The owner told us that he liked us but that freight made our quote more expensive than a local quote […]

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Power Sprayer Pump Maintenance: 8 Tips for Extending Pump Life

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There are a number of steps you and your staff can take to get better results from your spray pump.  These simple steps, if followed, can: Improve pump performance Reduce pump down time Extend pump life 1. Pump Selection. Select and use the correct spray pump for your application. Not every pump can be used […]

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Power Spray Equipment: What does it say about your Brand?

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This post will focus on the image your spray equipment sends to the market. Does your power sprayer support your brand or detract from it? Your brand is everything you do in the marketplace to differentiate your company from all your competitors. Your logo, advertising, operations plan, trucks, uniforms, etc. all contribute to your […]

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Power Sprayer Trucks – Factors to Consider When Purchasing

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There are many factors to consider when purchasing a truck for a power spray rig for Pest Control or Weed Control.  One issue to consider is how your desired power spray equipment configuration works in your truck. Many new trucks have features that can impact installation and use of power spray equipment. There are […]

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IPM Tools – Implementing IPM

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Gary Ross – VP Prentiss. You need the best IPM Tools.  Check out our IPM Tool Belt. 1. Evaluate your market. How green is your market (left and right coasts are way ahead) How tolerant will you customers be of pests? What are your customers main concerns? 2. Green programs are based […]

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Backpack Sprayers & B&G Sprayers – Important Keys

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Backpack sprayers and B&G 1 gallon sprayers form a critical part of pest control spray equipment. Most PMPs use some type of manual hand sprayers: B&G sprayers and/or one of the many backpack sprayers on the market. Are you doing everything possible to ensure you and your employees are getting the […]

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Power sprayer diaphragm pump and centrifugal pump

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There are a number of steps you and your staff can take to get better results from your power spray rig pump, whether it is a diaphragm pump or centrifugal pump. These simple steps, if followed, can: Improve power sprayer pump performance, Reduce pump down time, and Extend pump life. Pump Selection Selecting the correct […]

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Prevent power spray equipment from freezing

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Power spray equipment freeze damage is expensive in repair expense, downtime & missed appointments. With winter comes additional risk for PMPs and the need for  cold weather safety methods.  Deep freeze conditions can cause considerable damage to power sprayers. Some of the most expensive power spray rig parts are most at risk of freeze damage.  Water […]

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Effective home pest control tips and home remedy to kill ants

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We all love the desert. It’s why we live here. Life is good as long as we have a successful home remedy to kill ants and know how to get rid of roaches. Unfortunately, one downside to desert living is pests: roaches, crickets, scorpions, ants, rats, etc. These creatures were here before […]

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Bees are Big Business For Pest Control Experts – Use a Bee Suit

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Our pest control clients report that their bee control business is up significantly. Bee control is big business for pest control experts. If you are a pest control operator that is not doing bee control, you may want to start. Stories about bees and bee swarms are all over national […]

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