Money For Lunch – Basics of Overwatch analysis

Basics of Overwatch analysis

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Overwatch has joined global eSports quite recently. The gameplay feels fresh and the degree of innovation is noteworthy. However, Overwatch is not only fun to play. Some people believe that Overwatch is the future of eSports. That is why many bettors keep an eye on the constantly growing competitive scene in Overwatch. There are many Overwatch betting sites that provide favorable odds on the majority of tournaments. Here we would like to teach you some tips & tricks of Overwatch betting analysis, which help you to be ahead of others.

Look closer at the stats and rankings

Let’s be honest, Overwatch is still emerging as an eSports discipline. Some famous teams like Cloud9 and NiP have created their new Overwatch divisions, but there is no warranty that these lineups are going to be as successful as their CS:GO mates. We are trying to say here that it is better to study every aspect of the OW team. This especially goes for the match stats, total winrate, winrate against the particular team and current streak.

We also recommend bettors to check the Overwatch rankings. Such statistical data helps to see which teams are dominating at the moment. For instance, you may check the team rankings on GosuGamers. Not only you may see the Global rankings, but also view the team performance in the region, e.g. North America, Europe, China & Korea.

Read the information posted on forums

To sharpen your opinion towards the particular Overwatch match, it is useful to read forums. The best forum to follow is Overwatch Subreddit. There are many proficient bettors that share their thoughts and predictions, some of them are truly accurate. It does not mean that you should take their words in all good faith. However, if you want to add more side view in your vision of the match, forums can assist you.

Follow Social Media    

Lastly, we encourage Overwatch bettors to follow the players and managers on social networks, particularly Twitter and Facebook. It can be a good source of information about the team’s welldoing. For example, if you discover that the core player is unable to attend the match for some reasons, then the team is probably going to invite the sub-player. Indeed, this might affect the team’s chemistry and impact the outcome of the whole match. Essentially, social media gives you an insight into the team’s integrity and current relationships.

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