Money For Lunch – Being Financially-Savvy When Moving Property

Being Financially-Savvy When Moving Property

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One of the biggest decisions you can make in life is to move house. You have to account not only for the emotional aspect of leaving one home and making another but the financial burden that comes with the process of moving in itself. It’s an exhausting process even when you don’t account for the changes that will come in your life once you’ve made a new home in a new place with new people. Of course, that’s all part of the adventure. That’s why you’re moving in the first place. But you want to make sure you have some money and sanity left at the end of it all. The following advice should steer you in the right direction if you’re trying to be financially-savvy when moving property.

Increase the value of your existing home.

First of all, don’t rush the process of selling your old home. You’re probably anxious and excited to draw a line under your old home and move into your new one, but selling a property is a big thing in itself. If you’re always worried about money and the future then this is your opportunity to improve your financial situation massively. You’re selling a huge asset and one that could be made much more desirable to potential buyers if you made changes to increase its value. Small changes can make a huge difference.

For example, moving some of your possessions to storage (we’ll discuss personal belongings in the next point) is a smart idea because you want possible buyers to feel as if this could be their home; family photographs don’t sell that idea. Additionally, the fewer things in your home, the more spacious it’ll be; you really need to promote the space available because minimalism is more than a trend. It makes sense on a practical level. People want to see the potential of a home to be filled with their own possessions. Essentially, you want to cheaply increase the value of your property so as to make a substantially bigger profit from the sale.

Sell some of your personal belongings.

As mentioned above, a home should feel spacious. And the last thing you want is for your new home to feel just as cluttered as your old one. If you’re forever complaining about feeling cramped in your existing home then you should be aiming to avoid making the same mistakes when you move. Look through your personal belongings and get rid of some of the things you’ve been hoarding for years. Some of it will need to go straight in the trash, but you can be financially-savvy by selling some possessions that are still valuable but no longer important to you. Hold a yard sale so that you can make a profit through decluttering your home; it’s a win-win situation. But that’s not all. The fewer items you take with you to your new home, the cheaper your quote will be when you look into potential moving companies. You’ll still have to pay for the professional help necessary to move your possessions, but you’ll have saved and made money in the process.

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Save money around the house.

Whilst it may not save you as much money as other ideas in this article, saving money around the house can make a difference when it comes to the costly process of moving home. You need to think about the money you’ll need after you move. You could reduce utility bills by saving energy and water. You might even want to cancel your service with your internet or cable provider a couple of weeks before moving because you don’t want to be paying those bills once you’re no longer in your old house. It might be a tough few weeks whilst you cut the ties with services in your home, but it’ll be worth it from a financial standpoint.

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