Brandon Krieg – CEO of Stash, Saving and Investing

Brandon Krieg – In 2015, Ed and Brandon created Stash to fill this gap in the marketplace, empowering individuals to learn how to invest in an easy and accessible way – all from their mobile device or web.

How does “Stash” simplify the investment process?
Give us the “step by step” process for signing up and using the app?
Do you feel there are certain groups of people who are “ignored” when it comes to investing? (ie millennials, freelancers) Investing can seem “scary” for those who are not familiar with the process.
How does the “education” component of the app help NEW investors?
When should we start investing & why?  What is Fractional Investing?
Why should millennials start investing NOW?  What advice would you have given to your “millennial-self” about investing?
It’s hard for millennials to think about planning for retirement—but can we speak about the importance of planning for your financial future.
Tell us about your startup journey?

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