Money For Lunch – Build brand awareness with the help of Instagram – Here’s how you should do it!

Build brand awareness with the help of Instagram – Here’s how you should do it!

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As a business owner, you cannot afford to ignore Instagram for your marketing requirements. The little social media app is a complete powerhouse when it comes to marketing your products and getting you new clients. This article will tell you how you can use Instagram to market your products and boost your business revenues.

Create and manage your Instagram business page

In case you want to do your search engine optimization yourself, then you must create your Instagram page in a professional and orderly way. This will reflect the way people would remember your business and brand. You have to upload photos of your products and your behind the scenes moments and ignite interest in your followers. For this purpose, you will have to manage your Instagram account diligently and invest a lot of time too, but the results will be rewarding. Because as your follower count increases, you will get more engagement and more people will learn about products. Slowly a brand identity will be developed about your business in the minds of your followers.

Optimal approach

You do not want to bombard your followers with your posts continuously as that would look too obtrusive and invasive on their Instagram feeds. People will become sick of your posts and will look down on your brand if you were to do that and would unfollow you. Post an optimum number of 4 photos daily relating to different aspects of your business each with a time gap of around 4 to 5 hours in between them. You need to be more focused on your creative quality than your quantity of posts.

Type of photos

Your Instagram campaign will depend a lot on your creativity in your posts. Do not put too many textual photos, news items, and promotional events. Instead, you should upload real photos of your products and services, and put minimal text in them. Make your caption a bit creative but also easy to understand.

Getting automatic Instagram likes on your posts in your Instagram’s business page is a great way to increase engagements with your followers and also to get new followers.


One of the most novel marketing techniques in recent times has been Instagram marketing. With more than 400 million active users worldwide, it is expected that marketing strategists will jump on the Instagram bandwagon to reach new customers. A simple app which allows only photos and videos to be posted is just the thing that business owners are looking for because they can simply post photos of their products and their events and put the related hashtags and they are done. Within seconds posts will go viral, and new people will come to learn about the products, and a lot of them will even turn into paying customers. Instagram is perfect for marketing.


Author bio: William Hardy works for The Washington Post as a columnist on economics and business articles and news. Hardy recommends you to get automatic Instagram likes to boost your business profile.


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