Money For Lunch – Business Trips – Tips to Make Business Travel less Miserable

Business Trips – Tips to Make Business Travel less Miserable

March 13, 2017 8:39 AM0 commentsViews: 21

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Travelling for business can evidently be tiresome and draining. Long haul flights, mediocre accommodation, lack of routine can all take its toll on any business traveler. So when and where possible it’s essential we come to realise ways to extract the stress from business travel and make it less miserable. Sounds like a plan, right?

Be prepared

Often business trips can be a very last minute affair, which is sometimes unavoidable. But where possible preparation will be key in making a trip less miserable. Try and pack the night before and take all the appropriate equipment/clothing you need for the trip. Being prepared will also help relax you in the long run and help your journey run a lot smoother.

Don’t skim on sleep and diet

As a regular business traveler it’s easy to let sleep and diet go by the wayside. Keep heavy foods to a minimum and try not to heavily consume too much alcohol. It is advisable to eat before you get on the plane to avoid having to consume plane food, which in itself can tend to make you feel miserable. We have all been there!

Check in online

This can also link with the being prepared stage but checking in online or using the check in kiosks once at the airport will mean you won’t even need to get in a queue. You won’t even need the hassle of going to the checkout counter so it makes your transition through the airport a lot easier (assuming you are only taking carry-on that is).

Get through security speedy

No one enjoys the airport security slog so why not make yours a little less prolonged.  Be sure to have your laptop in a compartment that can be easily accessible to pull it out. Have your toiletries put into a clear bag and ensure that they don’t exceed the 100ml limit. Having an ideal business travel bag is essential in making your journey less miserable. Especially when the travel bag is a versatile 3 in one storage, meaning you can wear it as a backpack, suitcase or shoulder bag depending on your requirements. The right business travel bag will have many compartments and just the right amount of space to house all your bits and bobs.

 Organise the tools and apps you need prior to departure

Apps and tools are there to make our lives noticeably easier when travelling. Have all your absolute necessary apps downloaded on your phone like your banking app and skype. If you can take a mobile hotspot with you then that is advisable as securing internet connection when travelling isn’t always a guarantee.

With some careful organising business travel doesn’t have to result in a miserable trip. Get organised and prepare to enjoy a leisurely business trip. You might even wish that work sends more business trips your way!


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