Money For Lunch – Can Wealth Management Services Help SME Owners?

Can Wealth Management Services Help SME Owners?

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Wealth management, as offered by companies such as WHIreland, is a service used by many people across the country. It involves using the help of a financial and investment expert to choose and manage an investment portfolio which is profitable and as well informed as possible. As such, it makes sense that SMEs/SME owners could well benefit from using such a service.

Invest Some Profits

SMEs which are making healthy profits are likely to be on the road to success, provided their finances are well managed. Making short term profits is all well and good, but, as many people know, uncontrollable factors such as economic climate can often change rapidly, and lead to a downturn in the business.

In this sense, it is always worth considering investing some profits outside of the business with the aim of generating more money further down the line, and topping up future profits. If you already have a wealth of investment experience, then this may seem like an easy feat, but for those who are inexperienced with asset investment, it is likely to be trickier.

Reduce Risk

Wealth management can help reduce the risks associated with investment by providing you expert advice about the best course of action to take when choosing to invest. This can provide the necessary security and confidence for you to create a diverse investment portfolio, and you can have as much or as little influence over where to invest as you like.

That is not to say that the investments you make, even when using a wealth management service, are totally risk free, and making a profit is never guaranteed. It is therefore still wise to be cautious with the amount you wish to invest.

Learn About Reinvesting in the Business

Having an effective investment portfolio which is bringing in profits can also help you to make decisions about where to reinvest within your business. Your wealth management adviser can provide an insight into how your market and global markets behave on a regular basis, and you can use this knowledge to make business decisions.

If, for instance, you see that the market you are operating in is about to boom, then you may well wish to invest heavily in assets which will help you boost sales, such as new staff.

Help Achieve Long Term Vision

If your investments are successful, they can top up your business reinvestment fund and accelerate you towards your overall aims as a business owner. Your wealth management adviser, who will have detailed knowledge of different industries and markets, may well be able to help advise you on some of your business decisions, such as where and when to reinvest.

You will, of course, need to consider the fees charged by the wealth management firm, but in many cases the potential profits from informed investment decisions more than make up for the cost of the service.

These are just some of the ways wealth management has the potential to benefit SME owners. They offer the means to add security to any investment portfolio, and reduce much of the management time needed (SME owners are often pushed for time due to their busy schedules). If considering using such a service, make sure you shop around to find one which will best suit your needs and budget as a business owner.





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