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Put Your Best Foot Forward: 10 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Public Face

February 14, 2018 10:44 AM0 comments

Your company’s true value may not be accurately reflected in its financial statements. The Harvard Business Review makes a compelling case that the market consistently undervalues key measures of “digital strength.” This isn’t only an issue for software firms and other tech-oriented companies. It’s a systemic deficiency that penalizes companies […]

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Tips and Tricks to Consider When Purchasing and Replacing Your Ford PCM

February 13, 2018 10:36 AM0 comments

If you love cars, then I am sure that you know what a PCM is. Nonetheless, a PCM or Power train Control Module is a computer or control unit that is installed in your car. The main purpose of the Power train Control Module (PCM) is to serve as your […]

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Monitoring Your Credit is Essential for a Good Credit Score

10:28 AM0 comments

When you approach lenders for credit, the first thing that will generally do is refer to your credit score in order to approve you for a loan, credit card or mortgage. For a number of people, the shock of having an application rejected can carry with it a number of […]

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Can You Use Your Cryptocurrency to Finance Your Business?

10:27 AM0 comments

More and more people are using electronic currency, and inevitably that has led to business owners giving it serious research. As digital currency becomes more an essential part of financial dealings, companies that embrace the technology now are hoping that the benefits will secure their future and create more distance […]

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Pace Rawlins – Trump’s Immigration Policy, Business and the Economy

February 12, 2018 4:35 PM0 comments
Pace Rawlins – Trump’s Immigration Policy, Business and the Economy

Pace Rawlins is the Founding Partner of Rawlins Law Firm, P.C. in Mesa, Arizona where he practices Immigration and Nationality Law. He’s a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Pace is fluent in Spanish, proficient in Portuguese and is a frequent guest attorney on Television and Radio.  He is […]

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The importance of hiring the right employees

9:22 AM0 comments

Whether you are hiring your first ever employee or your 100th, taking the time to make sure you get someone who is a perfect fit for your company is essential. When such decisions are made right, everyone benefits. When they are made incorrectly, it results in negative financial, environmental and […]

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Why Home and Land Packages are Great for First-Time Home Buyers

9:19 AM0 comments

Getting a home and land package is one of the most economical decisions anyone could ever make, especially if you are a first time homeowner. If truth be told, you will have a lot to gain by choosing a home and land package compared to the struggle and stress that […]

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Tips on How You Can Pay Lower Premiums on Your Car Insurance

9:18 AM0 comments

Managing your financial obligations each month requires a high level of astuteness in order to lower the bills you need to pay. It is possible to reduce your bills if you know what to do. One of the bills that you have to deal with is the insurance premiums. The […]

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Social media: In-house or external agency?

February 9, 2018 10:15 AM0 comments

Managing a business presents numerous challenges, but how to successfully promote a company is one the biggest questions company bosses must find the answer to. Social media has become one of the most popular marketing tools for many companies, although successfully engaging with customers on the various platforms requires plenty […]

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Android Development for Beginners: Best Resources for your first app

10:03 AM0 comments

No matter how experienced you are on developing Android apps, gaining knowledge on new information can help benefit the way the way you work. After Google announced the Android Nanodegree on Udacity, more developers are expected to join the Android community for developers. In this article, we will be going […]

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