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Celebrities Against Gun Violence

August 31, 2014 10:03 AM0 comments

There are so many celebrities in this video that you’ll barely keep count. Everytown connects survivors to each other, creating a vital network of people who support one another and work together to make change. Everytown also acts as a resource to survivors, educating them about gun laws and the […]

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Rocker Elaine Bradley Talks Neon Trees, God, Mormons, and Family

August 28, 2014 10:31 AM0 comments

Hi I’m Elaine I’m a musician, wife, mother, and a Mormon. About Me I grew up in the Midwest (Nebraska, Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois). I served a mission in Frankfurt, Germany. I went to school at BYU, and ended up staying in Utah. I have a husband, who is my […]

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5 Tips on How To Turn a Bad Customer Into a Good One

August 22, 2014 11:14 AM0 comments

  A successful business cannot be considered a success without the support of a good customer. How you treat your customers, especially if you own a service-oriented business, can make the difference between a loyal returning customer who will become an ambassador for your business and a lost opportunity or […]

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22% of U.S. Workforce Covered by Labor Department’s Action to Protect Employees of Federal Contractors from Gender Identity Discrimination

August 19, 2014 2:42 PM0 comments

  Contractors required to take proactive approach to providing equal opportunity through trainings, outreach, and other efforts.     LOS ANGELES – 22% of U.S. workers will be covered by the Department of Labor’s announcement today that it will interpret prohibitions on sex discrimination in Executive Order 11246 (EO 11246) […]

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Texas Governor Rick Perry Booked on Corruption Charges

12:58 PM0 comments
Gov. Rick Perry Booked on Corruption Charges

Texas Governor Rick Perry will be escorted to the Travis County criminal courthouse in Austin today to be officially booked on charges of public corruption, his lawyer, Tony Buzbee, said. Perry’s defense lawyers have rejected his indictment by a grand jury last week as an attempt to criminalize politics and damage his […]

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Taylor Swift’s New Album: 1989, Shake It Off

11:23 AM0 comments
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift released the first single from, 1989 album, last night. During a Yahoo! live stream, Swift played her latest single, danced with her fans, and unveiled the album she has been working on for two years. The album, she announced,  was inspired by the “late ’80s” pop she was listening to. […]

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Michael Brown Autopsy Unlikely to Settle Debate

11:14 AM0 comments

The preliminary results of an autopsy that Michael Brown’s family requested are unlikely to settle the dueling narratives that have defined the case from the beginning. Brown was shot at least six times, all to the front of his body, according to the preliminary results. Four bullets went into his […]

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Rick Perry Calls Indictment ‘Abuse Of Power,’ Stands By His Actions

August 18, 2014 11:22 AM0 comments
Rick Perry Calls Indictment ‘Abuse Of Power,’ Stands By His Actions

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) spoke about his indictment on Saturday, calling it an “abuse of power.” “I wholeheartedly and unequivocally stand by my veto, and I’ll continue to defend this lawful action of my executive authority as governor,” Perry said at a press conference. “We don’t settle political differences with indictments […]

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry Indicted For Abuse Of Power

11:18 AM0 comments
Rick Perry, Indicted,

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A grand jury indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Friday for allegedly abusing the powers of his office by carrying out a threat to veto funding for state prosecutors investigating public corruption — making the possible 2016 presidential hopeful his state’s first indicted governor in nearly […]

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How to Make Friends Online

10:58 AM0 comments

  The way in which people communicate these days is a lot different to how we used to communicate. The digital age has made instant messaging and emailing a common part of everyday life. It’s become a lot easier to meet new people online. Being able to make new friends […]

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