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Hypercitizens overcome fear

August 27, 2013 3:48 AM0 comments

Overcoming fear of the end result can help business leaders enjoy the path to their goals. In an evolving and shrinking world, it is our responsibility to build a fearless hypercitizenship. Hypercitizens are cosmopolitan, charitable and entrepreneurial, and my hypercitizenship is based on a scientific and educated business model. Hypercitizens […]

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Why Cartoons Are Taking Over The Boardroom

July 31, 2013 11:09 AM0 comments
Why Cartoons Are Taking Over The Boardroom

Remember being transported into a world in which mice talk, elephants fly, and penguins build airplanes?  If you are like many Americans, you likely embarked on that journey every Saturday morning as a kid.  Keeping this childhood experience in mind, I’d like you to consider that cartoon animation might very […]

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10.5 Secret Steps to Securing Your WordPress Site

July 29, 2013 10:51 PM0 comments
Securing Your WordPress

Step 1 Constantly Update WordPress WordPress is open source, making it a target for hackers and crooks. Over 60 million sites use WordPress, when WP pumps out an update, the sooner you update your site, the better because when they make a new update they also post the vulnerabilities that […]

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How To Use Google Alerts To Grow Your Business

4:41 AM0 comments
How to Use Google Alerts by Bert Martinez

Google has a very useful service, which can help you grow business and get more publicity. And the best part it’s FREE! It’s like a having a a research assistant or a media clipping service which scrutinizes both the web and Google News database, then sends you an email as […]

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