Money For Lunch – Choosing the Best USB Type-C Hubs for your Personal Use

Choosing the Best USB Type-C Hubs for your Personal Use

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USB Type-C is now considered as port of future as it is an all-in-one channel for powering, sending data, and also to make extended displays possible. Some of the top laptop manufacturers are only producing machines with only type-C ports only while the while majority of the users still have devices with older types of drivers, monitors, keyboards and other standard USB devices to connect.

This is where US type-C hubs come handy. With the help of these handy ports, the users can connect their devices for a variety to purposes to USB type-A ports, USB type-B ports, memory card readers, HDMI outputs, USB chargers, Ethernet jacks, etc. Here let’s evaluate the features of some of good USB type-c hubs available in the market.

What to check for in USB type-C hubs

An ideal USB type-C hub will offer a lot of features at a comparatively lesser price. It may not look like a simple extension of the device, but made for all standard USB 3.0 ports, pass-through Type-C power ports, HDMI out and can be compatible with any laptop. Good hubs also offer SD memory card reader to make the suite complete.

Now all major players in gadget industry support the USB-C standards and many of the portable devices now only come with USB-C ports to be connected to appropriate USB type c hub. This is getting fast adopted as the new standard in digital connections. So, it becomes inevitable that you will come across in any of the new laptops you purchase and as it gets more universal, it is a cheaper replacement to all existing ports like USB 3.0, VGA, HDMI, Ethernet and SD card, etc.

Once this happens, you may have to use appropriate adapters to plug it into any older devices such as your existing monitors, hard drives, keyboard or mouse, etc. This can be best done through a USB-C hug which will work well for you.

Apple has fearlessly debuted it’s 2015 MacBook with only a USB-C for connections. This helped in a minimalist design to the design, but people started wondering about how they will connect all your stuff to it. Apple started providing its adapters, which included a minimalist USB-C to USB cable but with no power. You can use a USB device or you can use it to charge the MacBook, but cannot do both at the same time with the cable.

So, to do multiple things like connectivity and power, etc. simultaneously, you need multi-port adapters which are there in the good USB-C hubs. Many other laptops make also followed the suite by adopting USB-C as standard and then came out a whole new category of USB-C add-ons like adapters, cables, and hubs.

Some limitations of the USB-C hubs

The actual promise, while USB-C was introduced, was to replace all existing ports with one to rule them all. But the reality seems to be a bit different. While you purchase a USB-C hub for connecting USB-C laptop, it is not sure that all the hubs you buy may work well with the device in hand. So, you need to ensure that the hub you are buying is compatible with the device in hand before going ahead with the purchase.


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