Money For Lunch – Debt Relief Clarity: The Best Independent Reviews on the Top Companies

Debt Relief Clarity: The Best Independent Reviews on the Top Companies

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With so much information swirling around the debt settlement industry, it pays to take a close look at any debt relief company with which you’re considering working.

While there are a number of factors by which they can be judged, one of the most telling is whether the Better Business Bureau and the American Fair Credit Council have accredited them. Another good idea is to consider the best independent reviews on the top companies when you’re seeking debt relief clarity. Two of the top review sites in this category are Simple Thrifty Living and Trustpilot. Among their most highly ranked debt negotiation companies are Freedom Debt Relief, National Debt Relief and Accredited Debt Relief.

Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief rates five stars according to Simple Thrifty Living (STL). Its reviewers say, “Freedom Debt Relief has a good reputation and is one of the most trusted names in the industry. That, combined with its reasonable rates and good customer service, make it a good choice for people seriously considering debt relief.”

Trustpilot assigns Freedom Debt Relief a 9.2 out of 10 in its TrustScore rankings—based upon 9,527 consumer reviews. One customer’s Freedom Debt Relief review on the Trustpilot site says, “I was very distraught trying to figure out how to catch up on payments to get out of debt. All it took was a Google search and answering a few questions (online). Within a few minutes I received a phone call. The consultant was very pleasant, respectful and within a few more minutes I had a monthly plan in place. I am so happy I chose Freedom Debt Relief. I would recommend FDR to anyone.”

National Debt Relief

Reviewers at Simple Thrifty Living also assign National Debt Relief five stars. They write, “National Debt Relief is one of the top debt relief companies, servicing a wide range of debt consolidations and settlements. Keeping up with your debt relief program is quick and easy with plenty of contact options. Its comprehensive list of services give you the most options when trying to get out from under extreme debt.”

National Debt Relief reviews on the Trustpilot Site come in at 9.3 out of 10, based upon 3,388 consumer reviews. About National, one customer writes, “When I first started I was kind of worried, but they assured me I had nothing to worry about. So true—they took care of everything and at no time did any creditor ever call me. They also made sure the payments would leave me what I felt I needed to live on.”

Accredited Debt Relief

Another firm earning a five-star ranking at STL, Accredited Debt Relief reviews say it is one of the only debt relief companies to offer debt management tools as well as debt consolidation services. STL’s reviewers say, “Despite being in operation for less than 10 years, Accredited Debt Relief has quickly established a reputation as a trustworthy company for debt consolidation and settlement.”

Accredited’s 9.5 Trustpilot TrustScore is based upon 808 customer reviews. One customer writes, “There was no pressure, and my representative explained each step patiently no matter how many times I asked the same question. I sounded like a broken record with the same lyric as I meditated on what to do. But I was able to feel confident with the decision to get all my debt in order and the weight off my back, I am no longer in limbo.”

If you’re seeking debt relief clarity, the best the best independent reviews on these top companies applaud their solid reputations with the public and professional reviewers alike. If you need debt settlement service, you’ll do well to go with one of these three organizations.


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