Money For Lunch – Does Your Company Website Need Attention?

Does Your Company Website Need Attention?

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When you pause for a moment to look at your company’s website, are you happy with everything you see?

For some business owners, what they come across is likely not going to please them. Unfortunately, too many get busy with products, sales, and keeping track of revenue. In doing this, they forget their websites.

So, does your company website need attention?

Review Your Site to Make Sure It is Doing the Job

In checking your company website to make sure it is doing the job, begin with reviewing the homepage.

It is important to keep in mind most consumers will end up on your homepage when they want to learn more about you. As such, it is important that the page offers the following:

  • Clean layout – Don’t make it difficult for visitors to your site to maneuver around the homepage or any page. Make sure the layout is as clean as possible. Your site should download in mere seconds. It should also be compatible with the different mobile devices consumers are using. You also need some imagery on each page. Without it, your site will be bland to say the least.
  • Product info – Give good descriptions of the products that your brand offers. Include imagery with these descriptions so consumers know exactly what to search for. For instance, products from Apple Rubber will show detailed info on specific items. This would include O-rings, housing seals, medical seals and other items they offer. This makes it easy for the customer to pick exactly what he or she needs.
  • Contact details – One of the most annoying things a business can do is not have direct contact info on their site. Like business owners, many consumers are busy too. As such, they want to be able to come to a website and know who to direct any questions to they may have. If you have many departments, be sure to list contact details for the key player or players. This will make it easier for a consumer to reach one they want instead of passing them around.
  • Blog posts – As more owners discover over time, having a website blog can be invaluable. That blog can be in usage to not only post articles you are authoring, but also from people in your industry. With that in mind, take time to plan a blog strategy. You may even consider hiring someone full-time or on a freelance basis to oversee your blog. That blog should also get promoted on your different social media channels. Social media is a great outlet for you to open and carry on dialogue with consumers. When your brand is active on social media, you are getting free advertising and marketing.

As busy as you are in running your operation; don’t neglect your website.

If it proves to be too much for you to handle, let others be in charge of it.

With a stellar website, the sky is the limit in how much more business you might be able to bring in.



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