Money For Lunch – Financial Effects of a DUI

Financial Effects of a DUI

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Financial Effects of a DUI

Financial Effects of a DUI

Many people know drinking and driving costs lives. According to Responsibility.Org, an estimated 10,076 people died in the US as a result of drunk driving crashes in 2013, accounting for almost a third of all traffic deaths. But drinking and driving isn’t just dangerous to human life; it’s also dangerous to your wallet.

The True Cost of a DUI

The true cost of drinking and driving is largely based on the state where your offense is committed. However, regardless of your area, DUIs are rarely black and white with offenders only paying a simple fee.

According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, the cost of a DUI usually amounts to several thousands of dollars, sometimes into the tens of thousands. First time offenders will typically pay less than second or third time offenders.  However, regardless if it’s your first time or your fifth, your wallet will still take a hit.

The Actual Fine

If you are caught driving under the influence, you will be issued a fine that you are legally obligated to pay. This fine depends on many factors, including your blood alcohol level. However, even minor offenses – such as driving one tenth over the legal limit – still come with heavy financial repercussions. The average fine in Washington, for instance, is about 3700 dollars. 

Car Insurance Hikes

Another way a DUI costs you is through your car insurance: simply put, it’s bad business for a car insurance company to insure a risky driver. In Washington, a DUI can cost over two thousand dollars in insurance hikes. In Colorado, per the University of Colorado at Boulder, the insurance hike is closer to three thousand.

Attorney Fees

According to EZ Bail Bonds, a provider of affordable Brazoria County bail bonds, when you are caught driving drunk, you’ll likely want to hire an attorney to help you navigate the legal system. As anyone who as ever dealt with lawyers knows, they don’t come cheap. Usually, attorney fees can be four thousand dollars or higher. If your offense involved other crimes – such as leaving the scene of an accident – the fees can skyrocket.

DUI Classes

Offenders are often subject to DUI classes. These are essentially classes you must complete as part of your punishment. Because you are required to take them for criminal activity, you are also liable for their cost. They can be pricey: in Colorado, they average around 650 dollars.

If your offense is not your first, you may also be required to get an interlock device on your car. This gadget requires you to blow into it before your car will start (and it will only start if you are not inebriated). Like the classes, you will also be liable for cost of the device’s placement and rental.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Other things that may add to the cost of your DUI include towing fees; storage fees; DMV reinstatement fees; bus or cab fare (in the event your lose your license); and lost wages (if you are forced to miss work in order to attend DUI classes or court hearings).

All and all, drinking and driving isn’t only selfish, idiotic, and dangerous, but it’s also horrid money management. While a DUI can cost thousands of dollars, a cab ride home when you’ve had too much to drink will only cost you about twenty.

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