Money For Lunch – Five Ways To Get More Money When You Need It

Five Ways To Get More Money When You Need It

February 16, 2017 9:25 AM0 commentsViews: 16

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There are numerous reasons why you would need money. Maybe you got laid off work or maybe you’re a freelance worker and work has slowed down, now your pay isn’t coming in or it’s far less than normal. The bills are piling up and you need to feed your family.

Maybe your bank account was fraudulently attacked and your money is currently frozen there when you have bills due. Now you have to wait a week to buy groceries but the cupboard is bare. Maybe your car is dead and you need to be able to get a new one that is actually reliable.

Money is kind of a crazy thing. They say it can’t buy you happiness, yet you need it in order to live. Here are some ways to get better control of your money while allowing you some extra for when you need it.

Get Out Of Debt

The first key to having more money when you need it is to get out of debt. If you have debt it could be impeding your ability to get a loan, get credit cards, and it can even make it so that you have issues getting your dream job.

If you want to get your debt under control you might want to consider debt consolidation assistance. Start making payments on your debt and you’ll be making steps to having more money in the future.

Borrow Some Money

You could borrow money from a friend or family member if you need money for something in a quick way and you don’t have the credit to borrow from the bank. Remember, though, borrowing from friends can lead to rifts in friendship if you don’t pay them back promptly.

Try Crowdfunding

If you want to borrow money that you won’t have to pay back you should look into crowdfunding. You can set up a campaign for nearly anything you want, whether you’re trying to get money to buy a new car or you need to buy groceries while you’re laid off from work. The key is to appeal to people and to share your campaign in as many places as possible.

Get A Second Job

You could consider getting a second job. Use the money from this to build a savings and then you will no longer need to wonder how to get money in emergencies. A second job doesn’t even have to take you out of the house, you can start working from home in many fields. Try writing, data entry, or even customer service.

Make Money With Your Hobby

You could turn a hobby into a money maker. Maybe you like to knit or quilt. Why not make some items to sell. You even have options on where to sell, from the internet to local craft fairs.

If you’re clever with woodworking you might want to start making furniture. Or maybe you’re a really good painter or some other type of artists, why not try to sell some of your work and let other people enjoy it too.



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