Money For Lunch – How to Improve the Quality of Your Webcasts

How to Improve the Quality of Your Webcasts

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Companies are fast recognizing the importance of integrating webcasting efforts into their marketing strategy. However, with plenty of content glutting communication channels, there’s fierce competition for webcast content. Here’s how to make sure yours finds its way to your market:

Personalize Your Console

Everything you do is an opportunity to promote your services or products. That includes doing webcasts. Don’t miss out on the chance to promote your business in subtle ways, though. Personalizing your console with your company’s logo or name is an easy and soft-pedaled way to advertise your services. Putting your company’s name or logo in plain sight helps increase consumer brand recall. That’s why more and more clients are moving shying away from default platform options and settings. They want settings that fit their audience, one that resonates with their market in a much better way.

Pick The Right Camera

All Business says the type of camera you use for your webcasts affect the quality of your video. Be sure to invest in a system with quality cameras. Shooting that webcast is going to be so much easier if you have the right tools in place. If video clarity is blurry and substandard, that’s going to affect traffic to your video. After all, most people aren’t going to spend an hour watching a webcast that’s blurry and hard on the eyes.

Use Visual Aids Sparingly

Visual aids can help but be wise about doing so. Too many visuals could clutter up your presentation and before you know it, your audience jumps ship before you get to the good parts. Stop your audience from abandoning your webcasts. Keep those visual aids in order so you won’t give them a reason to leave.

Provide Supporting Information

It’s not enough to grab the attention of your audience. You have to keep them interested and engaged throughout the webcast. Otherwise, they’ll leave. That’s the last thing you want to happen. One way to keep them is to offer a variety of supporting materials—from PDFs to video and images they could download. If they like the material so much, they might even come back for more. The more time they spend on your pages makes a conversion much more likely.

Do Surveys

Think of it as a self-check tool. It can be easy to think that you’ve done your best after a webcast. By conducting surveys after your sessions, you can get the feedback you need to determine weak points in your webcast. What did your audience love? What did they hate? How could you improve on your webcast to ensure better results?

Master Your Tools

There are plenty of good choices but BlueJeans’  cloud webcasting tool is one of the best options around. Buying quality systems like this is only half the battle, though. To create exceptional webcasts, you’ll need to know the system inside and out. Explore what you can do with your video conferencing tools. Know how to perform basic troubleshooting. By knowing the product like the back of your hand, you can use it with ease and confidence. That means whenever you do a webcast, you won’t have to stress yourself out, not knowing what to do in case minor issues and problems crop up. If you’re intimately familiar with the system, you’ll stay at ease and in control during your webcasts.

Be a Good Speaker

Nothing turns an audience away more than a bad speaker. If you have the ability to bore your audience to tears, you might need to work on your webcasting skills. Practice doing webcasts with a strong voice, Inc. says. That can improve the quality of your webcasts. Make your content fun and engaging by inviting guest speakers over as well. Switching it up with a different guest every time can give your webcasts the fresh vibe it needs to drive new customers to your pages.

Create The Right Content

You aren’t the only business that’s discovered the importance of delivering webcast content to consumers. That means there’s a lot of competition out there, planning or already doing the exact same thing you are: trying to reach out to your market with webcasts. However, without the right content, your webcasts could easily be consigned to oblivion. Imagine you’re talking to your audience. If they can’t relate to the issues or topics you’re talking about, they’re going to be bored and leave. If you want your customers to start paying attention, provide them with the right material, one that’s relatable and connects to them in a huge way.

There are plenty of ways you could improve the quality of your webcasts. Before you distribute that webcast, be sure to run over these handy checklists of tips. You and your audience will have a much better time if you start putting these tips to good, practical use.

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