Money For Lunch – How To Protect Your Business From Disaster

How To Protect Your Business From Disaster

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If you’re a business owner, you are probably kept awake at night by the thought of disaster striking your company. Suddenly, all the work you have put into building up your business is lost in an instant. Disasters can range from the physical (like a fire burning down your office) to the digital (you lose all your important files) but they can all be potentially devastating. Rather than getting you panic-stricken, I’m here to get you prepared!

Here are the best ways to put your mind at ease for if the worst should happen to your business.

Risk Assessment

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 The first thing you need to do is conduct a full risk assessment of your business and highlight anything that could potentially go wrong. Ask yourself what provisions you have put in place in the event something goes seriously wrong. Do you have the appropriate emergency equipment on site? Have your employees been properly trained to deal with any disasters that may strike? How quickly are you able to respond and will you be able to keep the business running if your office is out of action?

 Put a Back Up Plan in Place

Every good company should have a plan B. Something you turn to if disaster strikes. Your plan should be detailed enough to have a contingency strategy for every possibility under the sun. Identify the core elements of your business and what you will need to preserve to ensure it continues functioning. Have a back up premises in mind should your office end up being out of service. Make sure your finances are prepared. Run through this plan on a regular basis with key members of your team. Far from being time consuming, it may end up being essential. Nobody thinks disaster will strike them until it does.

Get the Right Cover

 It is likely that your business for a wide range of possible scenarios, but make sure everything you can possible think of is covered. For example, it may be the case that you live in an area in which extreme weather like hailstones is a possibility. In which case, you may well need to make a property hail damage insurance claim for any business that you run which is under threat. Again, insurance is there for your in the event of something beyond your control, so having the right cover offers both protection and peace of mind.

Go Paperless

Old fashioned filing systems are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Not only are they hugely space consuming, your important files are much more at risk. One office fire could see everything literally go up in smoke. Paperless online storage systems are becoming more and more sophisticated these days, with huge capacities and increasing protection against potential threats.

Ultimately, being prepared is the only way that you can protect your company should any unexpected disasters befall it. If the worst should happen, you will give yourself the best shot at getting back up and running.



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