Money For Lunch – How to Protect Your Family‘s Future Using a Probate Attorney

How to Protect Your Family‘s Future Using a Probate Attorney

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One of the most important things you have to do in this life is to protect your family’s future. This is in fact the reason why you work and invest to guarantee that your family is safe. While it is easy to protect your family when you are around, things can change a lot if your pass away. Many families which where financially stable have been devastated by the loss of one of the parents.

Truth be told, planning for such situations is hard and uncomfortable yet it has to be done. No one likes to think about their death but it is a reality. The best thing you can do to protect your family’s future today is to hire a probate attorney.

What Probate Attorneys Do?

If you are in East Tennessee, retaining the services of a Sevierville probate attorney is important in guaranteeing the protection and security of your family. Your probate attorney helps with the process of estate planning for the future. These legal experts work with your estate representatives/executors to ensure the probate process runs smoothly.

These professionals are well versed in Tennessee’s state laws regarding execution of wills and they will help protect your family when you are no longer around. Your probate attorney is your representative and also represents the beneficiaries of your estate in ensuring the last will and testament is respected.

The probate process is a convoluted one and without bringing in legal expertise, there will always be tussles which can diminish your legacy. The probate attorney will check the validity of the will before the probate process starts. While the steps involved in probating an estate may vary from state to state, the functions of a probate lawyer remain largely uniform. These include:

  1. Identifying and securing both probate assets and non-probate assets
  2. Seeking legal permission from the courts for various actions
  3. Determining date-of-death values of assets and belongings and appraisals
  4. Colleting and filing all documents required by the probate court
  5. Collecting life insurance proceeds
  6. Payment of all outstanding debts as well as taxes
  7. Settlement of disputes that may arise between the personal representatives and beneficiaries or among beneficiaries
  8. Helping with the sale of estate property
  9. Retitling the deceased’s real estate that is not being sold into the beneficiaries names.
  10. Distribution/ allocation of assets to the beneficiaries after payment of debts and taxes

Looking at all these functions, it is obvious that a probate attorney is crucial in estate planning. It is important to include these legal professionals in the estate planning process because they will have a good understanding of what you wanted. It is advisable to hire the best attorney in the city. Take time to research different law firms and find one that has a strong reputation in the area.

More importantly, get an attorney who specializes in probate and one who is easy to work with. By making this choice early enough, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family’s future is protected.


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