Money For Lunch – How To Stop Your Car Depreciating In Value

How To Stop Your Car Depreciating In Value

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It’s hard to accept, but, as is the case with any new vehicle, your car will depreciate in value the second you drive it home off the forecourt. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but there are ways in which you can do your very best to keep your new car in the best shape possible. A car’s value depreciates the most during its first three years, so it’s important to enjoy the car while it’s new but also to look after it and keep it looking new. Look after your car so that you can expect a good resale price when you come to trade in your car for a new one.

Keep It Well Serviced

In order to stop your car depreciating in value at such an accelerated rate, you’ll have to keep on top of having it serviced and checked for prangs and problems. You’ll need to be doing all you can keep hold of your car’s value and avoiding snags. Keep motor oils and fluids in the trunk of your car and ensure that your car is sufficiently oiled and isn’t going to overheat and breakdown. PEAK Commercial & Industrial can provide you with the necessary oils to keep your car ticking over and keeping hold of its price tag.

Keep The Interior Spotless

A car will lose value and buying interest with every small bump and scratch it receives, so you have to sure you avoid these scrapes and imperfections on the interior of the vehicle and the paintwork too. To make sure your car will sell on for the most amount of cash possible, you’ll have to avoid scratching the alloy wheels and allowing the interior to become tatty. Use seat covers over the chairs in your car and place-mats in the footwells of each seat.

Take Pride In Its Appearance

You are largely responsible for the condition of your car, after all, you’re the person who drives and cares for it. You can have a significant say in how much money your used car will fetch at the time of resale. If you have diligently looked after your car and it appears hardly to have been used, then you’ll stand a far greater chance of a high resale than if you have neglected its care and condition. Your car is more than just a means of getting from A to B; your car is an investment and a commodity you enjoy.

Keep It Safe

Wherever you can, park your car away from busy areas and in the quiet section of a parking lot. If you’re going to stop your car from depreciating in value, then you will have to consider keeping your car out of harm’s way. Keep your car in your driveway, and preferably in a garage if you have one. If not, always try to keep your car in view from your house when parked at night.


Mileage is a significant factor in determining the used worth of a car. A car with high mileage that has clocked many hours of driving time in its life will have a lesser value than the same car in the same condition that has half the mileage. Having said this, a car with very low mileage that has been used very infrequently can have mechanical problems in the future. You will need to find a happy medium and ensure you don’t drive your car into a worthless vehicle.


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