Money For Lunch – If You Don’t Read These Tips about finding a financial advisor, You Will Hate Yourself Later

If You Don’t Read These Tips about finding a financial advisor, You Will Hate Yourself Later

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Financial planners help individuals to plan their finances. If you have a specific goal that you are working towards, this professional can show you how to achieve it. They also help you to invest and save your money. If you are looking to hire one of these professionals, here is how you can go about it to ensure that you find someone reliable to work with.

Their clientele

You need to know the kind of clientele that the planner has. There are some planners who only take on rich clients that have a certain amount of money. This is not personal, since they have specialized in this area. What you need to do is to find planners who cater for people like you. This is whether you are a beginning investor or an experienced one.


Consider the fee structure of the professional. There are those who charge an hourly rate and others who charge a flat fee when you consult them. Then there are those who are paid on a commission basis whenever they undertake any financial decision for you, for instance sell your stocks. Others are paid a commission based on your total investments in a year.

If you are just starting out or if you do not have many investments, then go for the one who charges an hourly fee.


When you are finding a financial advisor, you need to choose one who has been certified. This increases the chances that they are credible and will not disappoint you. This is much better than going for an uncertified person.

Background check

You need to investigate the person before you entrust them with your portfolio. This is to ensure that they are legit financial planners and that they will handle your investment responsibly.

Find out if there are any complaints that have been filed against them by other consumers. Also, check reviews left about them by any clients. If there are negative reviews, this is a red flag and you should avoid dealing with that person.

Check if any regulatory bodies have summoned the individual to answer to any charges against them. Do these investigations before you start dealing with the individual and not after.

Decide what kind of help you need

You need to figure out what your financial needs are. This is whether you need comprehensive help or just some bit of help. If you need comprehensive help, it means that you need the individual to handle most of your financial issues and that you will give them major control over your money.

You might also decide that you just want the person to handle your assets only, or you just need them to give you financial advice but you control your assets. So figure out what is the best solution for you.

Investment style

Consider whether the individual is an active investor or a passive one.  An active investor is pretty much hands-on and is always looking for investment opportunities to take advantage of.





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