Money For Lunch – Joan Tabb – Building Blocks for the New Retirement

Joan Tabb – Building Blocks for the New Retirement

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Joan Tabb is the founder of Great in 8 Coaching and author of Building Blocks for the New Retirement. An expert in managing life transitions, she is a sought-after career and executive coach, blogger, and speaker. Her new program, ReVitalment, is reinvigorating boomers’ retirement paradigm.

What led you to write this book?
What’s different today for retirees than in generations past?
What’s the big take-away from your interviews with retirees when researching your book?
What are some areas that your 8-step guide explores?

Lawyer Francis Jackson fighting for Veterans

1.  So are there any new developments at the VA?
2.  What are the biggest issues facing Mr. Wilkie at the VA?
3.  Are there any changes relating to the GI Bill?
4.  Has there been any action on the VA’s new appeals process to speed up compensation appeals?
5.  What does this mean for veterans who have already been denied benefits and have an appeal pending?

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