Money For Lunch – Key information about asbestos survey management

Key information about asbestos survey management

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Effectively manage asbestos-containing materials, there’s need to assess the risk and develop a plan just in case future demolition or refurbishment will be needed. This is where an asbestos survey management comes in.

You see, asbestos continue to remain among the greatest health hazards in domestic, commercial, public or industrial premises. If asbestos containing materials are not disturbed in any way, then they present no risk. However, despite this, organizations still need to be careful when complying with legislation during management reviews, demolition, remediation, and monitoring.

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The following are some ways in which the general public can benefit from asbestos survey management exercises:

(a) High quality service

The service should leave the building free from associated health and litigation risks involved where asbestos is concerned. Consequently, the environment should be safe for everyone.

(b) Accuracy

Attention to details is highly considered when collecting samples and when measuring and analysing the property.

(c) Accreditation

The public should be safe because the person conducting asbestos survey management tasks is highly qualified and works under a company that is ISO certified and meets important industry standards.

When you need asbestos survey

In the event that you own a commercial business premise such as an office, shop or industrial property (that was build before 2000), then the law requires you to have an asbestos management survey plan in place.

In addition to this, if your property has had a previous history of asbestos, then you need to action this survey (which should take place on an annual basis).

Again, if you have a property that was built before the year 2000 and needs to be refurbished or demolished, then you need this survey conducted on that property. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) sees that building owners abide by the legislative requirements.

Therefore, if you’re doubting about your building’s compliance or obligation to undertake this survey, you should first seek guidance and consultancy services on the same.

Which form of survey do you require?

These will vary greatly in relation to size and complexity. Access and visibility can either be simple or complex. Once again, the presence of this harmful material can vary depending on age, design and structure of the building.

The work involved here may include management surveys, refurbishment and demolition surveys. Therefore, it would only make sense to know that these surveys vary greatly and also depend on on-going monitoring requirements as well as structural change projects.

Management surveys

This is the main survey to be carried out where presence of asbestos is involved. This process aims at providing a complete assessment of the situation as well as risk assessment on disturbances that might arise. It’s essentially a less intrusive survey.

Before any refurbishment or demolition can take place on an existing building, this survey must be conducted first. This exercise will locate and describe the nature of the risk as far as asbestos is concerned. Again, this form of survey is intrusive, which means it has destructive elements associated with it. Destruction can be carried out on those hard-to-reach areas of the property. So depending on the situation of the building, either of the two asbestos survey management practices can be considered.


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