Money For Lunch – Kill Costs In Your Company

Kill Costs In Your Company

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Cutting the costs out of your business model is absolutely crucial. Most businesses fail and one of the key reasons is that they simply become far too expensive to run. If you don’t keep a handle on your costs you will find this is an issue that you are forced to contend with. So, let’s look at some of the best ways modern businesses manage to save a lot of money in every industry.

Outsourcing To The Extreme

You might have heard the term solopreneur. This is someone who runs a business without any help at all. Their business is literally a one man or woman team which is cool right? That means that you don’t have to pay any wages to business employees. But how is this possible. After all some of these companies manage to sell massive amounts of goods and services to huge corporations? Well, the big secret is outsourcing. You see, it may look like there’s only one person behind the business and that will be the official company line. But, behind the scenes, they’ll be using various different companies and freelancers for jobs like marketing, deliveries and various other parts of their business they can’t handle. The best part is the cost becomes a fraction of what it would be with a full team.

No Travel Needed

In the past, big businesses would spend a fortune on travel expenses. Yes, they could make tax deductions but that would only take things so far. Truth be told employees were probably quite happy about the need for travel. It allowed them to get out of the service, maybe on a first class flight and some paid for meals in an international location. Not anymore, because now technology allows all interactions to occur online. There’s no need for any travel at all and if you don’t believe this look at the medical industry. You can get telemedicine software for doc practices, that allows doctors to communicate with patients without leaving their practice. They can even give diagnosis and treatment plans. So if a doc can do that, what’s stopping a business owner from following suit?

Green And Lean

Of course, if you want your business to cut the costs out of the model, go green. You can do this by looking into renewable power sources. Renewable power actually allows you to take your electric costs down to zero some days through the year. As long as the sun is shining solar panels will give you all the energy your business needs and that’s just a fraction of the possibilities. You can also use wind turbines and greener tech inside your office building like LED light bulbs.

Home Run

Last but not least, you don’t actually need an office or business location to run a company these days. You can work from home and immediately cut the costs right down. No rent, no building to buy and no massive energy costs. Forget about killing two birds with one stone, how about three or even four? You also won’t have to worry about keeping your business property well maintained!

You see there are lots of ways to cut the costs out your business model and you need to start right now.

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