Money For Lunch – Learn about Various Social Media Marketing Advantages for Blogging

Learn about Various Social Media Marketing Advantages for Blogging

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There are absolutely no second thoughts about the fact that social media has actually completely transformed the SEO world and the online marketing scenario. Ever since Google launched its ‘Search plus Your World’, you must have witnessed the fact that social media is playing a major role in influencing search engine rankings. Over the past two years, several marketing firms have successfully found a niche in the market by creating and boosting brand awareness through effective social media promotions. If you are a blogger, it becomes crucial under the current circumstances to have your own social media profiles.

From the point of view of blogging, you could rest assured that social media traffic is supposed to be the most targeted one that is available to you completely free. From the point of view of the brand, you could get a wonderful feedback from all your esteemed customers and supporters through social media interactions, campaigns, and other promotional efforts. Once you have won the trust of your targeted audience, it becomes easier to convert these users into subscribers or customers.

Blogging & Social Media Marketing Advantages

In the opinion of Chris Brogan, every blog post seems to be an opportunity. Even though Chris emphasized mostly on business opportunities, most experts would love to focus on exposure, sharing and influence opportunities as well. Each blog post would be having its own content and a distinctive title for backing it up, once the post is shared, it is seen, read and shared by the others and thus, they endorse it. You enjoy these opportunities on each and every occasion you share a blog post. Let us now explore how social media marketing can help bloggers.

Get Niche-Oriented Traffic for Free: There are numerous social bookmarking websites online. These sites have users who would surely be engaged with the content of your blog post. Once these users are traced, they would be fascinated by your content and drawn to your site. You would be getting free hyper-targeted traffic in return.

Boost in Domain Authority: Social bookmarks are given tremendous weight and value by search engines.  A blog would certainly experience a growth in domain authority if it is linked with any well-known social media/social bookmarking site.

Boost in Popularity & Better Visibility: Most of the bookmarking websites seems to have some sort of a ranking or voting system. If your blog content is excellent then you would be getting positive signals or feedback from that site which would be attracting a more targeted audience to your blog.

Much Better & Inexpensive Conversions: If you use other techniques for driving more traffic; such as CPM advertising, banner ads, and even PPC advertising would work out to be quite costly. But social media marketing is not only highly targeted, it is also quite affordable.

Achieving Higher SERP Ranking: Search engines are known to give a lot of importance to all the content that is being shared on various social media platforms. The sole objective of search engines seems to be, to come up with better results for its users. As those contents are actually being submitted only by individuals, your ranking would go up in the search engines, provided you are campaigning actively on Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Improved Crawling of Blog: Social media marketing and promotion would lead to enhanced crawling of a blog. If you promote old content on various social media platforms, it would result in deeper and better indexing of your website. You may consider generating resource pages for keeping all old posts relevant and even share those on the social networking sites.

Definite Brand Domination: Your blog could gain the status of a global brand thanks to social media marketing. Users would not only be active, they would be continuously talking about your work and your blog. This way, your blog’s authority and reputation would be established, attracting even more traffic.


We must come to terms with the fact that social media and blogging need to interact and go hand-in-hand. All bloggers must create a proper social media presence. This seems to be critical to the promotion and eventual success of any blog. Effective social media marketing would be boosting traffic, building domain authority, generating links, ensuring higher SERP ranking and winning more and more subscribers.

Author Bio: James Harrison is a marketing advisor and web developer in a private firm in Boston. He has recently started blogging to motivate SME business owners and startup founders and to let them know how social media marketing can help bloggers. He wishes to inspire them and entice them into blogging by proving that social media marketing is integral to blogging.

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