Money For Lunch – Low-Tech Businesses: What Do Customers Think?

Low-Tech Businesses: What Do Customers Think?

June 14, 2017 9:45 AM0 commentsViews: 10

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There are certain businesses and business owners who have yet to embrace technology for all the good it can bring. In fact, not only do they not embrace tech, but they will actively lecture against it. These are the people who will often also be heard to be saying things like “everything is done with phones nowadays!”, complaining that people are “glued to screens” rather than reality.

Technophobia is not a new thing; ironically, it’s been around since the dawn of tech itself. Wherever there is innovation, there is someone categorically digging into the ground and saying it’s a sign that the end is nigh. Even books – that wholesome pursuit we’re all encouraged to engage with – were once considered to be the harbinger of the downfall of society.

If you have ever been tempted by the idea of eschewing the life changing tech that can make your business and personal life easier, perhaps it’s worth thinking about the potential consequences. It’s all well and good to focus on the benefits of going without, but what might your customers think if you step aside from these innovations and embrace the old ways?

Customers Might… Like It

For some customers, they might genuinely like the fact they have to go to a physical store or can’t pay using a card when they purchase services from you. It might even be a selling point; a business done the old way. They might be in the minority of consumers, but it would be false to suggest everyone will dislike it.

However, it’s far more likely…

Customers Might… Think You’re Out Of Touch

 Many of the big tech innovations have been about convenience. Who ever thought that we’d be paying for purchases just using our smartphone or even that stores would let us check our goods out for ourselves (even if we do find it irritating!)? Yet doing so is vastly more convenient, so they’re changes that we have all embraced.

If you don’t embrace these in your business, then you’re effectively inconveniencing the customers who have come to see these innovations as standard. While there’s a chance they might find this charming, they’re far more likely to be dismissive of you as a company. They might even go so far as to think that you’re out of touch and not keeping up with the times, so how good can your company really be?

Customers Might… Not Care

Finally, this very much depends on the industry that you’re in. If you own a shop, then you’re more likely to be able to get away with a low-tech approach as you will still have passing traffic and regular customers.

If you’re in a digital niche, however, then it’s going to be more difficult to go without notice. However, it might be largely skipped over in discussion and just not seen as that big of an issue – especially if you can explain your choice for going in that direction.

This matter also very heavily depends on who the demographic for your business is. As a general rule, if you’re targeting the younger generation, then the need to embrace tech is just that – a need. This is a generation of digital natives, who will not just expect progress but perhaps outright ridicule a business that doesn’t move with developments.

If you’re targeting an older demographic, however, then you might be able to get away with less tech than you might otherwise be tempted to invest in.

It all depends on your business, who you’re targeting, and how you want to be perceived. However, tech is the future, so ignore it at your peril.

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