Money For Lunch – Managing your Finances and Commercial Property Portfolio Effectively

Managing your Finances and Commercial Property Portfolio Effectively

September 11, 2017 10:37 AM0 commentsViews: 12

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For many managing their finances and a commercial property portfolio are one in the same thing, they are holistically linked, but the day to day reality is that you need a system by which to do this effectively.

Failing to do so could mean that you lose track of your accounting and this could cost you money.

Here are some things to consider and that may make managing your finances and your commercial property portfolio easier and more profitable.

Never Mix Work with Pleasure

Keeping your business interests and your personal interests separate is essential if you are to have a clearly defined overview of your investments and how they feed in to your wider financial standing.

A common mistake occurs when individuals use their personal capital, for example, their savings for business reasons. Lending your company money, for whatever reason, rarely makes sense, particularly if you run a limited company.

If the company needs an injection of cash, then a better option is to look to secure an overdraft or business loan. This way the company’s finances and your personal finances remain distinguishable from one another.

After all, the company is there to make money for you and not to take money from you.

Lay the Ground Rules

 Getting you financial model structured correctly from the very beginning will make life much easier moving forward and makes for effective and profitable management.

Whether your business interests are fairly straight forward or more complex, your portfolio may include assets located overseas for example, it’s worth consulting experts in order to lay the foundations for you finances and investments.

Experts in commercial property and finance can help you set up a system that will organise your affairs in a manner that will make it easy to spot any potential problems or when things are going well – It’s all about clarity.

 Engage with Technology

 Using technology to help manage your finances and your commercial property interests is a great way to save time and to maximise profits.

State of the art commercial property management software is comprehensive and takes all the hard work out of administrative work, accounting and marketing. There are many options when it comes to this kind of software and so it is worth doing your homework to pinpoint the package that is best suited to your needs.

Managing your finances and a commercial property portfolio need be difficult or stressful, as long as you follow some simple rules and ensure that you set up your system properly from the word go.

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