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Mike Reynolds

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Mike Reynolds is a career visionary and executive in the world of private finance and mergers and acquisitions, with a long history of building and growing successful organizations. In his 30 years of success, Mike has transformed companies and industries with his innovative management techniques and his ability to spot and create growth opportunities. His achievements are hallmarked by his prowess building and retaining high-performance teams and working in the “uncomfortable areas of finance”. Mike notably engineered the market transactions of Herbal Life, leading to record sales of $4.6 billion in 2016. As the President and Vice Chairman, he took JB Oxford to revenues of $120 million, and headed the development of waste management innovator G.I. Industries, to annual revenues of over $36 million, leading to the company’s acquisition by the $13 billion industry leader, Waste Management Inc. Mike has been defined by his unconventional methods, creativity, and zealous love of building leaders.

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