Money For Lunch – Online Lotto Betting – Is it Really The Future

Online Lotto Betting – Is it Really The Future

August 22, 2016 7:09 AM0 commentsViews: 36

Playing the lottery online is hardly a novel concept, as lotto providers have been offering an internet service for years. What has changed the lottery landscape is the explosion of lottery betting websites, promising a bigger and better lotto experience than ever before.


The question is, do they really?


The lottery concept has been around in one form or another for over a thousand years, and the modern version has been largely the same since the start of the 20th century: you buy a ticket, you wait for the draw. All the excitement comes from rollovers and events like super draws.


The rise of the internet saw very little change, with the exception of online purchases and side games, until now.


The concept of lottery betting is simple, players pick their numbers as if they were buying a standard ticket, but instead of entering the draw, they place a bet on the outcome. Traditional betting companies have begun offering this service, but their draws rarely offer the headline grabbing jackpots that are the great appeal of the lottery.


There is one company that stands out, however. Lottoland are a dedicated lottery betting service, offering their customers the chance to bet on a huge range of lotteries, and win the same jackpots as the main draw.


With no country restrictions, Lottoland players can access jackpots from across Europe, and even enter the huge American draws, with jackpots that regularly seem to exceed £200 million!


It gets better. Because their jackpots aren’t dictated by ticket sales they often boost them far beyond their “natural” levels. At the time of writing the US PowerBall jackpot is around £84 million, Lottoland’s £478 million, and the odds of winning are no different!


Aside from that, I’ve seen dozens of promotions for cheap lines, or buy one get one free offers floating around, which simply don’t exist with the old fashioned lottery providers.


Are they legit? It’s a fair question, after all there are no shortage of shady lottery scam websites out there, plus the array of ticket resellers. Lottoland are not one of these, their website has a whole host of interviews with former winning players, including one with their all-time record winner, who won €22 million earlier this year.


So, is online betting really the future? There will always be people who religiously stick to the main draw, because they’re familiar with it. But for the more adventurous player who demands a little more for their money, lottery betting certainly seems to be the right choic


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