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Shia LaBeouf Arrested Again

June 27, 2014 1:50 PM0 comments
Shia LaBeouf After Court

Shia LaBeouf arrested at New York theatre after bizarre behavior NEW YORK –  Police say actor Shia LaBeouf was taken out of a New York City theater for being disorderly and yelling obscenities during the performance. It happened Thursday night at Studio 54 in Manhattan at the Broadway show “Cabaret.” […]

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Technological Advances for Disabled People: The Robot Wheelchair

9:43 AM0 comments

  Although public and private spaces in Europe and North America are becoming increasingly wheelchair-friendly, it’s still not easy for the disabled to negotiate stairs and physical obstacles in day to day life. It’s so important that wheelchair users are able to have access to schools, leisure facilities, shops and […]

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How to Make Your Business More Efficient

9:39 AM0 comments

  If you’re the owner or manager of a business, you’ll be aware of the importance of efficiency when it comes to keeping the company afloat. Both small start-ups and larger, more established businesses can benefit from practical improvements to boost efficiency. Every business must strike a balance between outgoings and […]

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Doing the Garden this Summer? How to Save Money on Garden Fencing

9:35 AM0 comments

New fencing is a great way to add value to your property. Gardens that are well-maintained and surrounded by high quality fencing are much more attractive to potential buyers, and fencing also lends the garden an air of privacy. However, fencing can be expensive and there are often significant labour […]

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Injured? Amazing Tips on How to Find a Lawyer Who Can Help With Compensation Claims

9:31 AM0 comments
Injured? Amazing Tips on How to Find a Lawyer Who Can Help With Compensation Claims

Source After an accident caused by someone else, you might be looking to claim compensation so that you can finally afford to pay some of the resultant medical bills. When attempting to make a claim for compensation, it is important that you have the right lawyer on your side as […]

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Things You Shouldn’t Include in Your Last Will

7:57 AM0 comments
Things You Shouldn’t Include in Your Last Will

No matter how much money or property you have, it’s important to make sure everything you own is being handled the way you want it to be handled when you die This is why you should have a last will written before you pass. With everything that surrounds your will, […]

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10 Crucial Tips to Ace a Job Interview Over Video Conference

7:26 AM0 comments
10 Crucial Tips to Ace a Job Interview Over Video Conference

Getting a job in the modern work environment is a little different than when your dad was getting a job. A piece of advice many of the older business guys will give you is to make sure you have a firm handshake. This no longer applies in a world where […]

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Walmart Spanks New York Times For Inaccurate Reporting

June 26, 2014 8:54 PM0 comments
Walmart Spanks the New York Times

I really enjoy smart Publicity strategies. Every now and then I discover a publicity strategy that so brilliant it makes be giddy. This is one of those moments. Walmart is one of those iconic brands that is constantly in the news, the media just loves to hate them. But you […]

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How to Deal with Business Insolvency

7:32 AM0 comments

  No business owner wants to deal with an insolvency situation, but unfortunately this is a reality for many small businesses in a competitive marketplace. If your company is unable to pay its debts, this is known as insolvency. Legally, a business can also become insolvent if its liabilities exceed […]

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The Importance of Safety in the Workplace

7:30 AM0 comments

  Whatever industry you currently work in, health and safety is of paramount importance. Your personal safety and the safety of co-workers, clients, suppliers and members of the public should be taken into account before any task is undertaken. Both you and your employer have responsibilities in terms of health […]

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