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10 Crucial Tips to Ace a Job Interview Over Video Conference

June 27, 2014 7:26 AM0 comments
10 Crucial Tips to Ace a Job Interview Over Video Conference

Getting a job in the modern work environment is a little different than when your dad was getting a job. A piece of advice many of the older business guys will give you is to make sure you have a firm handshake. This no longer applies in a world where […]

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Walmart Spanks New York Times For Inaccurate Reporting

June 26, 2014 8:54 PM0 comments
Walmart Spanks the New York Times

I really enjoy smart Publicity strategies. Every now and then I discover a publicity strategy that so brilliant it makes be giddy. This is one of those moments. Walmart is one of those iconic brands that is constantly in the news, the media just loves to hate them. But you […]

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How to Deal with Business Insolvency

7:32 AM0 comments

  No business owner wants to deal with an insolvency situation, but unfortunately this is a reality for many small businesses in a competitive marketplace. If your company is unable to pay its debts, this is known as insolvency. Legally, a business can also become insolvent if its liabilities exceed […]

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The Importance of Safety in the Workplace

7:30 AM0 comments

  Whatever industry you currently work in, health and safety is of paramount importance. Your personal safety and the safety of co-workers, clients, suppliers and members of the public should be taken into account before any task is undertaken. Both you and your employer have responsibilities in terms of health […]

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The Financial Costs of Becoming a Landlord

7:29 AM0 comments

  Establishing yourself as a landlord can be a highly profitable enterprise. If you’re fortunate enough to have a property available to rent out, this can be a major supplementary source of income and can enable you to finance other projects, such as starting your own business. However, being a […]

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Solving the Challenge of Chemical Risk Assessment in the Workplace

7:27 AM0 comments

  While the concept of business compliance is nothing new, it is one that continues to evolve as time progresses. Every aspect of commercial practice is regulated by an industry body, which will often change and adapt their guidelines in order to comply with a new piece of legislation. This […]

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The Hidden Costs of Business: 3 Things for Entrepreneurs to Consider

7:25 AM0 comments

  While British SME’s may be enjoying a period of ascendancy, the uncertain and often fragile nature of the economy means that such prosperity cannot be sustained indefinitely. With this in mind, more proactive business-owners are striving to capitalise on the existing level of growth, primarily by minimising costs and […]

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4 Tips on Decreasing Your Medical Bills

June 25, 2014 11:07 AM0 comments
Write Your Own Prescription

Imagine going to the hospital for a heart attack and leaving with a mountainous $170,000 bill in your back pocket. That’s exactly what happened to John Fugazzie the laid-off business executive from New Jersey whose story appeared in the New York Times last fall. If it could happen to Fugazzie, […]

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Phenomenal Corporate Gift Ideas You Can Buy Right Now

7:15 AM0 comments
Phenomenal Corporate Gift Ideas You Can Buy Right Now

For those on the lookout for corporate gift ideas, it can hard to know  what you should buy. However, if you find yourself struggling, you can take a deep breath and relax, as you’ll find that there are, in fact, some great corporate gift ideas you can buy right now, […]

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Part Two – 4 Essential Elements of Teamwork

June 24, 2014 6:41 AM0 comments
Part Two – 4 Essential Elements of Teamwork

This is the second of a four part series on 4 Essential Elements of Teamwork Teamwork or rather high performing teamwork is a much coveted attribute in any business with more than one employee. The need for good teamwork can be by two people, a department, between departments, city wide, […]

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