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Our Alexa Ranking

April 21, 2000 4:05 AM0 comments
Our Alexa Ranking

Our most current Alexa Ranking can be found on
Below is a snap shot of how our audience compares
to other national news sites as of 04/18/14.

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Seo Fame Method

April 20, 2000 7:22 AM0 comments
Seo Fame Method

Welcome Friends of Alex Genadinik! Money for Lunch and Alex Genadinik have created a special offer just for you! Get massive credibility, SEO, and position yourself as a media Recognized Expert! Our regular price 297! Special price, only 127.00, includes : SEO Special $127 Special 1 Radio Interview 1 Article about […]

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March 20, 2000 9:02 PM0 comments

Congratulations on being a guest on Money For Lunch, make that moment better by converting your audio segment into a video and then sharing with friends and clients! Check this out, in May 2012, the Associated Press made the claim that Video has overtaken the written word and is now […]

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6:26 PM0 comments

Congratulations on your purchase, you made a very wise invest! Your show segment can be used to increase your SEO, in your marketing materials even hosted on your website, and posted on your favorite social media sites like Linkedin and Facebook! Here’s another smart way to make it better, we’ll […]

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Author/Writer Application

March 17, 2000 2:14 AM0 comments
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Arnold Schwarzenegger to Present Weider Award of Excellence to US Senator Orrin Hatch

August 12, 1994 9:02 PM0 comments

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator himself, will be in Utah in October to present the Weider Award of Excellence, an award given to the person who does the most for the health of the American public to Senator Orrin Hatch. “Who more than Arnold epitomizes good health and healthy lifestyles?” said […]

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