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Seating, Servers, and Sectioning: Catering to Your Restaurant Clientele

April 17, 2017 10:42 AM0 comments

  Restaurant seating is a key component in making sure customers are comfortable so they can focus on what’s important — good food and good conversation. No one wants to be seated next to a drafty air conditioning unit or be stuck waiting for an eternity as they wait for […]

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Debunking the myths of debt consolidation

April 14, 2017 11:19 AM0 comments

  The proliferation of internet has changed the ways of gathering information that are available just at a click. It has also brought along with it the problem of plenty. You are served too much information that makes it quite challenging to sift through and pin point the most relevant […]

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3 Ways How a Parental Control App for Android Helps You Keep the Technology Dangers Away

11:14 AM0 comments
3 Ways How a Parental Control App for Android Helps You Keep the Technology Dangers Away

  There are different things that you need to think about once your kid starts using the internet and smartphones. There are some risks involved such as social media and gaming addiction which affects their sleep, health, and academics. Sexting; in which kids share sexual or naked photos with each […]

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6 Lesson Learned from ERP Case Studies

April 13, 2017 10:21 AM0 comments

  There are a thousand different sayings highlighting how much you can learn by looking at the past experiences of similar people. This is especially true when it comes to evaluating whether ERP is right for your company and what to expect once it’s implemented. Until you start working with […]

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How to build up your online reputation

10:07 AM0 comments

  For any business, the need to have a good online reputation is increasing at a rapid rate. More and more people are using the internet to acquire any form of service or when making purchases. If you don’t have a solid online presence, your business is likely to end […]

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How to Use Your Excess Income: Four Interesting Ideas

10:03 AM0 comments

  It’s always nice to be in a position where you earn more than you need to. The feeling of security it can give you is exquisite, yet there is an argument to suggest that there’s only so much money one person needs in the bank. So what can you […]

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Are You Killing Your Business Finances?

10:01 AM0 comments
Are You Killing Your Business Finances?

  Pixabay A lot of business owners out there are putting their business at risk by making deadly mistakes in the finance side of things. Here are some of the most common activities among business owners that could end up killing their business’s finances.  Ignoring debt  A lot of business […]

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Learn about Various Social Media Marketing Advantages for Blogging

April 12, 2017 10:42 AM0 comments

  There are absolutely no second thoughts about the fact that social media has actually completely transformed the SEO world and the online marketing scenario. Ever since Google launched its ‘Search plus Your World’, you must have witnessed the fact that social media is playing a major role in influencing […]

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Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home on a Budget

10:40 AM0 comments

  Most of us get bored of our home décor after a while. But, full redecoration or renovation can be terribly expensive – far too expensive to do every time you fancy a change. Fortunately, there are some easy, cost-effective ways to make some changes and refresh the look of […]

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No Time For Panic: How To Cope With a Drop in Salary

10:33 AM0 comments

  When your financial circumstances change for the worse it can be very stressful. You might lose your job which is bad enough, but then you have to get another one with a lower salary just to keep the cash coming in. Here are some tips to help you manage […]

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