Money For Lunch – Paying Online: What Are the Most Interesting Options?

Paying Online: What Are the Most Interesting Options?

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Cash and traditional banking methods were, for a long time, the most widespread – or even the only – options for payments available. The spread of the internet – and its increasing security – has opened the gates for many others, though, with far more flexibility and accessibility than ever before. Today, we have a variety of online money transfer methods at hand, allowing us to send and receive money, cash out our free casino welcome bonus money, and even pay in the real world using them. Here are some of the most interesting solutions you can use to make payments and receive money today.


Ever been in the situation when you needed to pay online for a product or service, to top up your Royal Vegas account or to help out a friend with a few bucks but had zero balance on your credit card? Well, if such a thing happens, you might want to consider PaySafeCard as a solution. It is one of the most secure and simple ways to pay online, especially since it doesn’t involve an exchange of personal information.

All you have to do is find the closest PaySafeCard retailer in your area, pay up, receive your PIN, and use it to pay online – or send it to the friend in need. You can use PaySafeCard in a variety of ways – you can fund your Steam Wallet with it, you can top up your Skrill and Neteller accounts with it, and you can pay using it at a variety of online stores and service providers over the internet.


NETELLER was made famous by the spread of online gambling worldwide – it was (and still is) one of the preferred payment and withdrawal methods for Royal Vegas players and many other users around the world. It is one of the most complete online payment solutions that extend into the offline world, too – it functions as a web wallet fit for paying directly online, as a global money transfer service, as a Bitcoin exchange (you can deposit Bitcoin in your NETELLER account and then convert it into fiat currency), and even as the background for a prepaid Mastercard.

NETELLER’s Net+ cards can be claimed both in a virtual and in a real life plastic form and used to fund other e-wallets, pay in land-based premises, and even to withdraw cash from a NETELLER account from ATMs. Net+ prepaid Mastercards are available in a variety of currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, and many others) and can be used to pay at any merchant that accepts credit and debit cards.

Neteller, PaySafeCard, and Skrill are services offered by the same company, the PaySafe Group.


If you routinely buy online at Aliexpress and other Chinese merchants, you might want to create an Alipay account. With more than 400 million users in China, Alipay is the largest internet payment service in the world. Of course, it is open for international users as well.

Alipay can be used to pay for daily expenses and bills, to process cross-border payments, to pay online and in certain retail outlets. It also has a very interesting feature – Alipay users can direct their idle cash toward the money marketing fund “Yu’e Bao” (it translates to “leftover treasure”), offered by Tianhong Asset Management, and use it for money market investments – this adds simple, low-cost, and user-friendly wealth management to the popular Chinese online and mobile payment solution.

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